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Wythe County Virginia

Map of Va: Wythe CountyWythe County was formed on 1 May 1790 from the southwestern section of Montgomery County. It was named for George Wythe, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and chancellor of Virginia in 1789 when the county was formed. In 1793 the first of several partitions occurred, with Grayson being formed from Wythe territory. Tazewell followed with a portion of Wythe in 1800. In 1808 a part of Wythe was added to Giles County. In 1824 a part of Grayson County was added to Wythe County. In 1826 the section of Poor Valley in Wythe was given to Tazewell. In 1832 Smyth County was formed in part from Wythe; and in 1839 Pulaski County was formed in part from Wythe. In 1861 Part of Bland County was taken from Wythe, and in 1862 one house and plantation was transferred from Wythe to Pulaski County. At that point, Wythe achieved its current bounds.

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps
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WYTHE CO., VA 1810 CENSUS transcribed by John Vogt. 10 1/2 x 8 1/2, x, 27 pages. This is the first surviving census for Wythe, since both the 1790 and 1800 censuses have been lost. The transcription is in the rough alpha order of the original document for easy reference. Wythe was an important and populous county in the southwestern foothills of Virginia and it was situated along the main route into Kentucky through the Cumberland Gap.

This and other 1810 censuses are transcribed by the author from the original images, and while many of Virginia's censuses are available online, they oftentimes are replete with misreadings and missing folios (in the case of Wythe, six folios are missing from the Ancestry version of Wythe County).Caveat emptor!
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SELECTED DEATH RECORDS OF SOUTHWEST VIRGINIANS WHO DIED IN MISSOURI (OR WERE RELATED TO THOSE WHO DIED IN MISSOURI (with additions from Iowa and Sullivan County/East Tennessee) Researched by Thomas Jack Hockett; Abstracted & compiled by by Donald W. Helton. iv,220pp., every-name index (8.25" x 10.75" paperback). These deaths are taken from a variety of sources and methods employed, including "hunt and seek", census, on-line sources at Rootsweb, Ancestry, IGI, Family Genealogy Forums, censuses, etc. and the very valuable Missouri Death Certificates 1912-1958 which are generously available online. These deaths of mid and extreme SW VA people in MO during the subject time likely represent only a fraction of the deaths which could be ferreted out with difficulty employing 2-4 sources (in conjunction) in conjunction. The work represents considerable labor (not to mention eye-strain) and it is hoped it will bolster further the efforts to document the migration of SW VA persons”.

During the process of abstracting and compiling the death records listed herein, instances of conflict occurred between the certificate and additional information found on-line. The information is entered as found. Any such conflicts are left to the discretion of the reader to reconcile.
Table of contents
Missouri Deaths from
      Washington County       1
      Wythe Co., Va      43
      Russell Co., Va      56
      Grayson/Carroll Cos., VA       80
      Smyth Co., Va      85
      Tazewell Co., Va      101
      Lee Co., Va      118
      Scott Co., Va      138
      Dickenson Co., Va      151
      Buchanan Co., Va      154
      Miscellaneous Deaths from southwest Va.      181
      Iowa Deaths from Southwest Virginia      193
      Alphabetical Index      202

To view a digital copy of the index to this book, visit Index-Sdmo
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[SDMO] $31.95

WYTHE COUNTY MARRIAGES, 1790-1850 John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr. 1985, ix, 224 pages, indices, figure, map. Wythe County represented an important subdivision of Montgomery County in 1790; from Wythe County five additional counties and a portion of three others were to be carved by 1858. The 2,425 marriages in this volume consist of both ministers' returns and surety bonds. They are transcribed from records on file in the Virginia State Library, Archives Division. Accompanying data includes minister's name, bondsman, and occasionally parents' names.
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Wythe Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 24 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see
Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

Surnames in this county directory:
Able; Acre; Adams; Ager?; Alford; Allison; Armbruster; Atkins; Baber; Bailey; Baker; Barron; Bates; Baugh; Beker; Belcher; Bell; Bells; Birdsong; Bishop; Black; Blessing; Bogle; Boon?; Boyd; Breeding; Brian; Bridgeman; Brown; Bruce; Buchanon; Buck; Buckanon; Buckhanon; Burckart; Burk; Burns; Calfee?; Campbell; Carmiet?; Carswell; Carter; Cassel; Cassle; Cheney; Chetwell; Chrsthery; Clark; Clemens; Cline; Cliner; Cloyd; Coater; Colhep; Colhoon; Colper?; Cook; Cooley?; Coop?; Cooper; Coppeberger; Coppenberger; Corvin; Cowden; Cox; Craig; Crainford; Cranston; Creager; Cress; Crider; Crockett; Crouse; Crow; Danner; Davidson; Davis; Dekert; Devoe; Dexter?; Dillman; Dillon; Dills; Ditty; Doak; Dobler; Donaldson; Dougherty; Douglas; Draper; Dunn; Duttin; E??heart?; Early; Elam; Eller; Erney; Etter; Evans; Evary?; Ewing; Fanon; Felty; Fickley; Findall; Findley; Finley; Fipps; Fisher; Flohr; Flora; Foglesong; Fortner; Foster; Fox; Frely; Friel; Frisbie; Fry; Fugate; Fulk; Fulton; Ganneway; Gibbs; Gillaspy; Glasgow; Glass; Gleaves; Goodings; Goodman; Goodpaster; Gore; Gose; Graham; Grayson; Greenleaf; Griffith; Groiseclose; Grose; Groseclose; Grubb; Hains; Hallen; Hamilton; Hammonds; Hanshew; Harkrader?; Harts; Hausand?; Hay; Hedge; Held; Heldenberg; Helvey; Henderson; Henley; Herbonson?; Hercherader; Herman; Herrel; Herron; Hetterick; Heys; Hilton; Hobble; Hobbs; Hobock?; Hofman; Holsey; Holstein; Honacre; Hoppes; Horn; Hounshel; Hounshell; Hoye; Huddle; Hughey?; Hulsett; Hutsel; Hutzel; Ingledove; Jackson; James; Johnston; Jones; Jony?; Justice; Karmency; Keesling; Kegley; Kelchner; Kentz?; Kettering; Killinger; Kimberlin; Kincannon; Kincanon; Kinder; King; Kinzer; Kisling; Knep; Knite?; Laker; Lambert; Lamey; Lampert; Lasley; Leed; Leedey; Leftwith; Legus; Lewis; Ligget; Lilley; Lindenberger; Lindenwood; Litz; Lockett?; Lockhart; Lowder?; Lyons; Marshal; Martin; May; McCawley; McCayl; McCreager; McCroy?; McDaniel; McDonell; McDowell; McGavock; McLoughlin; McPhartridge; Mead; Mehood; Messersmith; Milan; Miles; Millan; Miller; Miller; Montgomery; Morgan; Moss; Mosser; Moyers; Muse; Musser?; Nave; Neel; Nees; Neikirck; Nelson; Newberry; Newell; Newland; Newman; Nisewander; Nuckols; Nye; Olinges; Orr; Owens; Painter; Patrick; Patterson; Patton; Peirce; Percival; Peyton; Philipy; Pickle; Pirckey; Plank?; Plankenpicker; Plessing; Pope; Porter; Powell; Preston; Price; Prooner; Rader; Raines; Ramsey; Rankins; Rapass; Razor; Redenauer; Reeder; Repass; Reynolds; Richardson; Ritter; Robinet; Rogers; Rosenbaum; Ross; Roush; Runion; Rusbin; Rutherford; Safley; Sample; Sanders; Sevalin?; Sayers; Saylor?; Sayres; Schraeder; Scott; Segus; Sexton; Seybert; Shanon; Sharrot?; Sheffey; Shepherd; Shufflebarger; Shupe; Simmerman; Simpson; Sipple; Slater; Slemp; Sloan?; Sloss; Smith; Smyth; Snabeley; Snider; Soult; Spears; Spengler; Spenster?; Spratt; Sprecker; Spreiker; Sprinkle; Sproull; Sprouse; Staley; Stanger; Steel; Steffey; Stephens; Steward; Stewart; Stoneman; Straw; Sulcer?; Summers; Syphers; Tarter; Tarter; Tawney; Taylor; Thompson; Tonerey?; Totten; Townson; Turner; Umbarger; Umberger; Umberger; Vance; Vaught; Vought; Waddle; Walker; Walters; Walton; Wampler; Ward; Weatherhert?; Weathers; Weaver; Wells; Wennerick; Wetzel; Whitaker; Whitehead; Wigal; Williams; Wilson; Wiseley; Wissman; Wolf; Wolfart; Woolcott; Woolford; Worley; Wright; Wyrick; Yanson; Yeargon; Young; and Younts.

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