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Prince William County Virginia

Map of Va: Prince William CountyPrince William County was formed on 25 March 1731 from the upper portions of King George and Stafford counties. The new county's name honored William Augustus, duke of Cumberland, third son of King George II. At the time of its inception, Prince William included all or part of the following counties: Prince William, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, and Arlington. Fairfax County was cut off in 1742. With the establishment of Fauquier in 1759, Prince William achieved its present boundaries. Although the first patent of land in Prince William dates from 1653, few settlers chose to settle in the area of the county until the early 1700s, because the region was the scene of the bloodiest fighting and slaughters in the Indian wars which continued throughout the seventeenth century. Many of Prince William's records were destroyed in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and some deed and bond books were stolen by Federal occupation troops. these were later returned, but the early marriage records have been lost and are presumed destroyed. Most of the surviving original records are now housed in the Library of Virginia or the College of William and Mary Library in Williamsburg.

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps
Prince William County,Virginia 1810 Federal Census: A Transcription
John Vogt, 2008, x, 31 pp., 8x10 format, illustrations, maps, full name index. A faithful and accurate transcription of the first surviving census for this Virginia county. It includes not only the rural areas of the county, but separate listings for the communities of Buckland, Hay Market, Occoquan, and Dumfries. This work corrects many of the mistranslations currently on the Internet.

Surnames in the 1810 census for Prince William:
Abell; Adams; Adie; Alexander; Allen; Allison; Anderson; Anness; Armess; Armistead; Arness; Arnold; Arrington; Ashmore; Ashton; Athey; Bailey; Baker; Ball; Barker; Barnes; Barnett; Barrett; Barron; Barton; Bates; Beckam; Beckley; Bell; Berkeley; Beverage; Bird; Blackburn; Blackwell; Blackwill; Blake; Bland; Bobo; Bohanan; Bolin; Bolon; Bond; Bootman; Boswell; Botts; Bourne; Boyle; Bradfield; Bradly; Bramell; Bramill; Branacler; Brassfield; Brawner; Brent; Brett; Brewer; Bridwell; Bronaugh; Brooke; Brooks; Brown; Brundige; Brunton; Bryam; Buchanon; Bullock; Burdit; Burke; Burns; Butler; Butts; Bynan; Byram; Caho; Cahoon; Calvert; Campbell; Cannon; Carney; Carr; Carricoe; Carter; Cash; Caton; Caves; Cawood; Cecil; Chalmers; Chandler; Chapman; Charlton; Cheshire; Chesley; Chick; Clarke; Clements; Clinkscales; Clow; Coatney; Coby; Cock; Cockrill; Cogan; Cole; Collis; Compton; Connor; Cooe; Cooke; Cooper; Copin; Cornsvill; Cornwill; Corum; Cowden; Cox; Crawford; Creel; Crisman; Crosby; Crouch; Crowson; Cundiff; Curley; Dade; Dalton; Davis; Dawe; Dawson; Day; Deane; Deatley; Deavers; Deneale; Dickinson; Dilly; Dislitter; Disnay; Dogan; Douglas; Dowell; Doyle; Drury; Duffey; Dunaway; Dungan; Dungar; Dunnington; Duval; Dye; Edrington; Ellicott; Ellis; English; Escue; Essex; Evans; Ewell; Fain; Fair; Fairfax; Farrow; Feagin; Fennel; Ferguson; Fewell; Finch; Fitzhugh; Flatford; Flgroty; Florance; Flower; Foley; Foote; Ford; Forgay; Forsythe; Fortune; Foster; Fountain; Fox; Foxworthy; Franklin; French; Friar; Fristoe; Gaines; Gallager; Gallagher; Galloway; Gannett; Garner; Garrett; Garrison; Gearman; George; Gibbens; Gibson; Gilbert; Gill; Gillman; Godfrey; Goodin; Goslin; Gossam; Gothard; Grace; Graham; Grant; Gray; Grayson; Green; Gregg; Gregory; Grensy; Grinstead; Groves; Guy; Gwatkins; Gwynn; Hailey; Halbert; Hales; Hall; Hamill; Hamilton; Hampton; Hancock; Haney; Hardin; Harriman; Harris; Harrison; Haw; Hayes; Hays; Hedges; Hembert; Henderson; Henrey; Henry; Herndon; Heslop; Heth; Higgs; Hill; Hitch; Hixson; Hoard; Hodges; Hoff; Holcomb; Holiday; Holmes; Homes; Hood; Hooe; Hope; Horton; Houser; Huber; Hudson; Hunt; Hunter; Huntington; Hutchinson; Hutchison; Jackson; Jamison; Janney; Jenkins; Jennings; Jewell; John; Johnson; Jones; Jordan; Jordon; Kay; Keech; Kendal; Kent; Keough; Keyes; Keys; Kibble; Kinchiloe; King; Kirkpatrick; Koon; Kreamer; Landsdown; Langefilt; Langford; Langyher; Lansdowne; Lansford; Larkin; Lary; Latham; Lawson; Lay; Leach; Leachman; Lechman; Lee; Legg; Lenox; Lewis; Linebaugh; Linton; Lion; Lithgow; Little; Lloyd; Love; Lowe; Lowry; Loyd; Lucas; Luntz; Lutterall; Lynn; Macaboy; Macatie; Macaulister; Mack; Maddox; Maddux; Makee; Mankin; Manuel; Marmaduke; Marshall; Mason; Mathers; Matthew; Matthews; Mattingley; McCarimick; McClanaham; McCray; McCuen; McDaniel; McDonald; McIntosh; McKinney; Mclain; McMinion; McPherson; Meeks; Meng; Merchant; Millan; Miller; Mills; Milstead; Milton; Mitchell; Mobberly; Money; Montgomery; Moore; Moredock; Moss; Mount; Mountjoy; Moxley; Munday; Murfey; Murray; Murschett; Muschett; Nally; Narvill; Nash; Nehon; Nelson; Nesbitt; Newman; Nickins; Noble; Noland; Norman; O'Loughlin; Oard; Old Psalter, 16; Oliver; Overall; Owden; Owens; O’Banian; O’Brien; O’Neale; O’Rear; Page; Paine; Patterson; Paxton; Peake; Pearson; Pennell; Perry; Petty; Peyton; Pickerell; Pilcher; Posey; Powell; Predmore; Primm; Prosser; Purcell; Purlir; Raines; Rainie; Ramsey; Randall; Ranger; Ratcliffe; Rawden; Rector; Reeves; Reid; Renoe; Rhymus; Richards; Richardson; Right; Riley; Rising; Roach; Robinson; Roby; Rogers; Rollins; Rolls; Rose; Russell; Sampson; Sanders; Sartain; Savage; Scott; Sears; Selecman; Settle; Shackleford; Shanklin; Shaw; Shurley; Sidebottom; Simmons; Simons; Simpson; Sincox; Skinner; Smallwood; Smith; Smithee; Smoot; Sowden; Spence; Spiller; Spillman; Spinks; Spittle; Stadler; Starke; Steele; Stewart; Stifle; Stone; Stonnel; Storke; Street; Strother; Sullivan; Sutherland; Tansel; Tansell; Taunt; Taylor; Tebbs; Terrell; Thomas; Thompson; Thorn; Thornbury; Thornton; Thurman; Tingle; Tolson; Tomlin; Torreyson; Torry; Trickey; Triplet; Troop; Trorie; Turnbull; Turner; Tyler; Umberfield; Vaughan; Venable; Vicars; Voss; Waggoner; Walker; Ward; Warden; Warder; Warren; Washington; Waters; Watson; Wearing; Webster; Weden; Weeks; Welch; Wells; Werrims; Whaley; Wheeler; White; Whiting; Wiggington; Wigginton; Wilcox; Wilkinson; Willet; Willett; Williams; Willis; Wilson; Windsor; Winsett; Winter; Woodard; Woods; Woodyard; Wyatt; and Wynn.
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Charles and Virginia Hamrick, xxi, 2007, 163 pp.The authors have provided a faithful and accurate transcription of this early store ledger for a county which has lost many of its colonial records. This is a fascinating foray into the life and times of Dumfries. Most of the community's inhabitants had accounts with Payne's store, and he stocked more than four hundred different items. This ledger demonstrates the complex society of colonial Virginia, and it portrays a rich panoply of life during the supposed "hard times" of the French and Indian War. For many of these people, Payne's ledger demonstrates their lifestyle and daily activities. A must for anyone interested in colonial Virginia and its lifestyle. A brief biography of Payne is included, along with an index listing of his clientele and a glossary of all the various products carried by the merchant in his establishment
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Charles and Virginia Hamrick, 2003, 293 pp., index.
The authors have provided a faithful and accurate transcription of this early minute book for a county which has lost many of its colonial records.
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Prince William Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 19 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see: Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

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Prince William Co. Revolutionary Public Claims transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.. 2005. 20 pages, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the Virginia Revolutionary Public Claims and a listing of available counties, see: Revolutionary "Publick" Claims series

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NORTHERN NECK (LAND) WARRANTS & SURVEYS, 1710-1780: DUNMORE, SHENANDOAH, CULPEPER, PRINCE WILLIAM, FAUQUIER & STAFFORD COUNTIES by Peggy Shomo Joyner. 1986, xx, 197 pp., map, illust. Published as the third volume in a series of Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, this collection has become a standard reference work for researchers in the period of colonial Virginia history for this area.
Contents: Dunmore (pp. 1-26); Shenandoah (pp. 27-40); Culpeper (pp.41-88); Prince William (pp.89-135); Fauquier (pp.137-144); Stafford (pp.145-174); George Washington surveys (pp.175-176); index.
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