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Monongalia County Virginia

Map of Va: Monongalia CountyMonongalia County was formed in 1776 from that portion of Augusta County which previously had been set aside as West Augusta District. The county takes its name from the Monongahela River, although today the county's name is spelled slightly differently. Monongahela is an Indian word meaning the river of crumbling or caving banks. Settlement in the West Augusta District had begun as early as 1758. In 1779 and again in 1780 other Augusta land was added to Monongalia. In 1784 Harrison was created from Monongalia, and additional land was ceded to Harrison in 1800. Preston County was created from Monongalia in 1818, and in 1841 Monongalia's land east of Laurel Hill Mountains and north of the Cheat River were given to Preston County. Marion County was formed in part from the southern lands of Monongalia in 1842, and in 1847 a further adjustment between the two counties saw the waters of Buffalo Creek added to Marion.

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps
Monongalia County,Virginia 1810 Federal Census: A Transcription
John Vogt, 2010, x, 65 pp., 8x10 format, illustrations, maps,in rough alphabetic order as in original. A faithful and accurate transcription of the first surviving census for this northwestern Virginia county created from the West Augusta District More than eight hundred annotations locating settlers within the county have been added, taken from Roger Ward's 1815 Directory of Landowners for the county [see below].
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Monongalia Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 51 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see: Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

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Monongalia Co. Revolutionary Public Claims transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.. 2005. 16 pages, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the Virginia Revolutionary Public Claims and a listing of available counties, see: Revolutionary "Publick" Claims series

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