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Lancaster County Virginia

Map of Va: Lancaster CountyNamed for its counterpart county in England, Lancaster County was formed in 1651 from Northumberland County and York County and comprised the land on both sides of the Rappahannock River to the ridges. In 1656 the upper portion of Lancaster was cut off to form "Old" Rappahannock County, and in 1669 the territory west of the river was taken to become Middlesex County. At that time Lancaster reached its present boundaries. Lancaster has had no losses from fire or war, and except for a few gaps, the county record is complete.

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps
LANCASTER CO., VA 1810 CENSUS transcribed by John Vogt. 2009, 8 x 10, x, 17 pages, illustrations, maps, notes. The transcriber has created an accurate record of this important Chesapeake county with its heavy slave holding and stable population. The transcriber has also utiilized the 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners for this county and has included more than two hundred locations of the residences.
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Also available as a digital e-book in PDF format:        HOW TO ORDER

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LANCASTER COUNTY VIRGINIA REGISTER OF FREE NEGROES 1806-1860 Brigitte Burkett, 8"x 11" format, 24 pages, index. A transcription of the Lancaster County, Virginia Register of Free Negroes, recorded by the Lancaster County clerk between the years 1803-1860. The register is now in possession of the Manuscripts Division of the Virginia State Library and Archives, Richmond, Virginia. The format of the original dates has been altered for uniformity of presentation. All names have been spelled as in the original.
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ABSTRACTS OF VIRGINIA's NORTHERN NECK (LAND) WARRANTS & SURVEYS, 1697-1784 (HAMPSHIRE, BERKELEY, LOUDOUN, FAIRFAX, KING GEORGE, WESTMORELAND, RICHMOND, NORTHUMBERLAND AND LANCASTER COUNTIES) by Peggy Shomo Joyner. 1987, xv, 225 pp. Published as the fourth and last volume in a series of Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, this collection has become a standard reference work for researchers in the period of colonial Virginia history.
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Lancaster Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 13 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see: Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

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Lancaster Co. Revolutionary Public Claims transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.. 2005. 30 pages, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the Virginia Revolutionary Public Claims and a listing of available counties, see: Revolutionary "Publick" Claims series

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Also available as a digital e-book in PDF format:        HOW TO ORDER

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