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Rappahannock County Virginia

Map of Va: Rappahannock CountyModern Rappahannock County was formed in 1833 from the northern part of Culpeper County. Its boundaries have not changed. Both the seventeenth and nineteenth century counties take their name from and Indian tribe who lived along the banks of the river of the same name whose headwaters originate in this area.

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RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTY MARRIAGES, 1833-1850 John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr. Second edition 2004, 48 pages, indices, map. Rappahannock County's creation in 1833 represented the final separation of territory from the parent county, Culpeper. The new county took its name from the river which traverses it, and, in turn, from the Indian tribe which once lived along its banks. 531 marriages and accompanying data have been compiled from ministers' returns to the county clerk.
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WAKEFIELD MANOR, RAPPAHANNOCK CO., VA., 1734-1992 by Robert T. Dennis. 1993, vi, 65 pages (8"x11), map, index. A scholarly and comprehensive study of the 8,000-odd acres of Wakefield Manor, first acquired in 1734. Utilizing original land records and other primary sources, the author (himself a current resident of Wakefield Manor) follows the evolution of the manor to its present state. Along the way, he describes the many changes which have taken place in the land and its owners. Included is a thorough and complete name and place index. this most fascinating study is a landmark in local history writing for the county and the area.
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