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Northumberland County Virginia

Map of Va: Northumberland CountyNorthumberland County was created circa 1645 from the district of Chickacoan, which consisted of the Indian reserve between the Rappahannock and Potomac rivers. From Northumberland's lands came the counties of Lancaster (1651) and Westmoreland (1653). At that latter date Northumberland attained its present boundaries. Like so many early seventeenth century counties, the new county derived its name from a similar English county in Britain. Many of Northumberland's seventeenth-century records were destroyed in a 1710 fire.

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps
THE SHEPHERD'S FOLD: CEMETERY RECORDS OF NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA CHURCHES compiled by the Genealogical Society of the Northern Neck of Virginia. 2012. 8 x 10, xvi, 366 pages, illustrations, map, arranged alphabetic within individual church cemeteries as well as an overall index. Volunteer researchers from the society patiently and meticulously copied the gravestone inscriptions from the churches (31 total) in Northumberland County with an accompanying cemetery to produce this book. In all it covers more than 1100 families with burials in excess of ten thousand individuals. The format of the volume for each entry is: Name, date of birth, date of death, and particular note (e.g., husband, wife, brother, sister, etc./of) as well as military service. Two appendices are provided which bring together the military veterans of the county (Appendix One= CSA Veterans; Appendix Two County Veterans in General)

Sample entry (from Providence Baptist Church):
Forrester, Carlton William         27 May 1924         28 Jan 1993         s/o Elgin W & Mary Alice (Gill), Pvt US Army WW II

A brief history is provided for each church, along with a photo, address, and GPS coordinates. An overall county map of the churches' locations (p.xv) is helpful for the researcher.

This volume stands as the premier and comprehensive work for Northumberland County church cemetery records.

Churches included in this work are:
Bethany Baptist; Calvary Pentecostal; Coan Baptist; Corinth United Methodist; Fairfields Baptist; First Baptist; Galilee Methodist; Gibeon Baptist; Henderson United Methodist; Lively Hope Baptist; Macedonia Baptist; Melrose United Methodist; Mila United Methodist; Mooreland Baptist; Morning Star Baptist; Mt. Olive Baptist; New Friendship Baptist; Northern Neck Baptist; Northern Neck Memorial Garden; Old Fairfields Methodist; Providence Baptist; Rehoboth United Methodist; Smithland Baptist; St. Francis deSales Catholic; St. Stephens Episcopal; Shiloh Baptist & Hope Union; Wicomico Baptist; Wicomico Episcopal; Wicomico United Methodist; and Zion Baptist.

All of the family surnames found in these church cemeteries are listed below:
Aaasen; Abbott; Adams; Adkins; Agrafiotis; Ajootian; Alexander; Allan; Allen; Allison; Alston; Amann; Amos; Anderson; Andrews; Ansell; Anthony; Apostolides; Archie; Armstrong; Armsworthy; Arrington; Arthur; Ash; Ashburn; Ashburne; Ashby; Ashton; Askin; Askins; Atkinson; Atwell; Atwill; Augst; Austin; Avola; Bailey; Bailie; Bain; Baker; Balderson; Ball; Ballard; Balle; Bambarger; Banes; Banks; Barber; Barnes; Barney; Barrack; Barrett; Bartlett; Basey; Basker; Bass; Baston; Baughan; Baute; Bays; Bayse; Bea; Beach; Beacham; Beale; Beane; Beans; Beasley; Beatley; Beauchamp; Bedell; Bee; Beeman; Bell; Bellamy; Bennett; Benns; Benonus; Bertrand; Bettis; Betts; Bevans; Bevis; Binney; Birch; Blackmon; Blackstone; Blackwell; Blackwell-Rains; Blue; Bly; Blydenbough; Body; Bolden; Bolt; Bonner; Booker; Boone; Booth; Boothe; Borders; Bouldin; Bowen; Bowers; Bowles; Bowman; Boyd; Boyer; Boykin; Boyle; Bradford; Bradshaw; Bradshw; Bramble; Brame; Branham; Brann; Braxton; Bray; Brent; Bridge; Brittain; Britton; Bromley; Brooke; Brooks; Broun; Brown; Bruse; Bryan; Bryant; Buddington; Bulger; Bundick; Bundley; Bunns; Burbank; Burch; Burgess; Burkhart; Burmester; Burnett; Burrell; Burroughs; Burt; Burton; Burwell; Bush; Bussells; Butler; Butler ; Buza; Byrd; Byrne; Cain; Calhaun; Camp; Campbell; Cannaday; Cannon; Canoie; Carey; Carlin; Carlson; Carlton; Carr; Carrick; Carroll; Carson; Carter; Carthe; Carver; Casey; Cash; Caster; Castle; Caudill; Caynor; Chalkley; Chambers; Chandler; Chapman; Chappell; Charlton; Chatham; Childs; Chilton; Christian; Christopher; Clark; Clarke; Claughton; Clayton; Clements; Coates; Cockerill; Cockrell; Coffey; Colby; Cole; Coleman; Coles; Collins; Conaway; Condley; Conger; Conklin; Conley; Connelee; Connellee; Connelly; Conner; Conners; Connor; Connors; Conway; Cook; Cooke; Cookman; Cooksey; Cooper; Cordrey; Corsa; Corsey; Cosden; Cottrell; Courtney; Cowart; Cox; Crabbe; Craig; Cralle; Crallie; Cranshaw; Craver; Crestwall; Crew; Crissett; Crocket; Crockett; Crosby; Crossley; Crowder; Crowe; Crowell; Crowther; Croxton; Croy; Cuffee; Cummings; Cundiff; Curran; Curren; Curry; Curtis; Curtiss; Dae; Dailey; Damala; Dameron; Daniels; Darby; Dates; Daughtery; Davenport; Davidson; Davis; Dawson; Day; Daye; Deatley; Deitz; Delano; Delbridge; Delk; Dellastatious; Densen; Deshields; Desond; Devon; Dieirich; Dietz; Diggs; Diller; Dillingham; Dillow; Dinsmore; Divvens; Dixon; Dize; Dizerega; Dobbs; Dobyns; Dodson; Doggett; Dolin; Donovan; Dotson; Doublin; Douglas; Doulin; Dove; Dowdy; Downing; Doyle; Drummond; Duckett; Duffy; Duke; Dull; Dunavant; Dunaway; Dungan; Earle; Eastwood; Edmonds; Edwards; Efford; Ehrhardt; Elam; Elasser; Elden; Elder; Elector; Elliott; Ellsworth; Elmore; Elsey; English; Enyeart; Eppard; Eskridge; Estreet; Eubank; Evans; Evelhoch; Fairchild; Fallin; Fauntleroy; Feeman; Felder; Felipe; Ferry; Ficklin; Fielden; Fisher; Fleming; Flowers; Flynt; Foltz; Fones; Forbush; Forester; Forrester; Fossett; Foster; Foulkes; France; Frantz; Fraser; Frece; Frederick; Freeman; French; Fridenstine; Fries; Fulcher; Fulford; Fulks; Fuller; Furcolow; Gage; Gaines; Gaither; Galderisi; Gallagher; Galloway; Garbers; Gardenhire; Gardner; Gardy; Garland; Garner; Garneve; Garrison; Gaskins; Gawen; Gay; George; German; Getz; Giddings; Gill; Gillan; Gilleeci; Gillions; Gilmer; Gimpel; Ginocchio; Glascoe; Glass; Glenn; Glinke; Goathes; Goddard; Goetz; Goforth; Golden; Goodard; Goodman; Gordon; Gough; Graham; Gray; Green; Greene; Greenwalt; Gregg; Gregory; Gresham; Griffin; Grimes; Grosz; Grove; Grubbs; Gruner; Gulick; Gustus; Gutekunst; Guthrie; Guy; Hagan; Haislip; Hale; Hale/Gardy; Hall; Hamblin; Hamilton; Hammach; Hammack; Hammock; Hancock; Haney; Hanks; Hann; Hansen; Hanson; Harbour; Harbuck; Harcum; Harden; Harding; Hardyman; Harper; Harrell; Harris; Harrison; Hartman; Hartness; Harvey; Hastings; Hatch; Hatton; Hawkins; Hayden; Haydon; Hayes; Haymaker; Hayman; Haynie; Hazard; Hazzard; Headley; Heath; Hebert; Heidel; Henderson; Hendrickson; Henry; Herman; Herring; Herrold; Hess; Hester; Hewitt; Hickman; Higgins; Hill; Hillier; Hines; Hinson; Hinton; Hogan; Hogg; Holden; Holland; Hollestelle; Holley; Holliday; Holloway; Holmes; Honey; Hooper; Hoover; Hopkins; Horn; Hornberger; Horstman; Horton; Hoskins; Howard; Howe; Howlette; Hribar; Hubbard; Hudnall; Hudson; Hughes; Hughlett; Humphreys; Hundley; Hunter; Hurst; Hutchings; Infant; Ingram; Jackson; Jacobs; Jacobsen; Jacques; James; Jenkins; Jennings; Jessup; Jett; Jewell; Joel; Johnson; Jones; Jordan; Joyce; Kane; Keeve; Kelley; Kelly; Kemp; Kennedy; Kenner; Kenny; Kent; Ketnor; Kewis; Keyser; Keysor; Kicinski; Kidd; Kiernan; Kilduff; Kilmer; Kine; Kines; King; Kintz; Kinyon; Kinzer; Kirby; Kirk; Kirsch; Kitching; Klines; Knox; Kocher; Kohler; Kotaser; Krentz; Krut; Kyker; Labier; Lackey; Lahey; Lamkin; Lamont; Lamot; Lampkin; Landman; Landon; Lane; Lankford; Lapin; Lawood; Laws; Lawson; Layton; Leadbetter; Leary; Leavy; Lee; Leedy; Leef; Leland; Lemon; Lent; Leppin; Lester; Levai; Lewis; Lewis ; Lieb; Liggins; Light; Lindsay; Lindsey; Lippard; Lipscomb; Litchfield; Littleton; Livingston; Llewis; Lockard; Lofty; Logan; Logue; Lomax; Long; Lorraine; Lowell; Lowery; Lunny; Lunsford; Luttrell; Lyda; Lyons; Madison; Madlock; Magano; Magee; Magnuson; Mahan; Mahone; Mahoney; Maith; Major; Maney; Mangano; Marchant; Mark; Marks; Marlar; Marsh; Marshall; Marston; Martin; Martino; Mason; Matheson; Mathis; Matthews; Mayo; Mcallister; Mccarty; Mccave; Mcclelland; Mccoy; Mcdermott; Mcdormand; Mcdowell; Mcfall; Mcgee; Mcgill; Mcguire; Mckenney; Mckinley; Mcnamara; Mcneal; Mcquire; Megill; Meier; Mendenhall; Mendez; Meredith; Merkle; Messer; Messick; Michael; Michaels; Middleton; Miles; Miller; Mills; Milton; Minogue; Mintz; Mitchell; Moelling; Monahan; Montague; Montgomery; Monto; Monzingo; Moody; Mooers; Moore; More; Morris; Morrison; Morse; Moser; Moss; Mothershead; Moubray; Mould; Moure; Mueller; Muenster; Muir; Murphy; Murrell; Muse; Myers; Nash; Neal; Neale; Neill; Nell; Nelms; Nelson; Newberry; Newby; Newkirk; Newman; Newsome; Newton; Nichols; Nicholson; Nickens; Nicks; Nipper; Nixon; Noel; Nolan; Nonnemacker; Norlton; Norris; Northern; Norton; Noyes; Nuckols; Nutt; O'bier; O'brien; O'connell; O'keeve; Obier; Ogburn; Oliff; Oliver; Olverson; Opie; Oplinger; Orem; Orfutt; Orr; Owen; Owens; Packett; Page; Paige; Palmer; Palmore; Parker; Parker-Lucas; Parks; Parr; Parron; Parrotte; Parsons; Pass; Paul; Payne; Peacock; Pearce; Pearson; Peel; Pemberton; Perciful; Perlman; Perritt; Perry; Peters; Peterson; Pettit; Phillips; Pierce; Pillsbury; Pinckney; Pinkard; Pinn; Pippen; Pitman; Pitt; Pittman; Pitts; Plummer; Poe; Pope; Pops; Pors; Porter; Potter; Powell; Prentice; Prescott; Price; Pritchard; Pritchett; Pruitt; Pryor; Pugh; Purcell; Pusey; Putnam; Raber; Rafferty; Raines; Raitt; Ramey; Ramsey; Ranier; Ransom; Ransone; Ray; Reade; Reamy; Redman; Redmond; Reed; Reeder; Reel; Regan; Remakus; Reynolds; Rice; Rich; Richardson; Ridgely; Riley; Ritchie; Roach; Roane; Roberts; Robertson; Robey; Robinson; Rock; Rogers; Rooks; Roper; Rose; Ross; Rothermel; Roush; Rowe; Rowell; Rowland; Rowley; Royall; Ruffin; Runge; Russell; Sale; Salzig; Sampson; Samuel; Samuels; Sanders; Sandy; Sanford; Sanger; Saul; Saunders; Savoy; Sawyer; Saxton; Sayre; Schantz; Schmalz; Schmitt; Schools; Schroeder; Schuman; Schwitzer; Scott; Sebra; Sebree; Sekinger; Selby; Seldon; Self; Selph; Service; Settle; Sewell; Shafer; Shanks; Shaw; Shearin; Sheets; Shehigh; Shelton; Shepherd; Sheppard; Shirley; Shriner; Shull; Sibley; Silas; Silver; Simmons; Simoneth; Sisson; Sizemore; Skeen; Skidmore; Slacum; Slaughter; Slocum; Sm Ith; Smalls; Smith; Smither; Snapp; Snow; Snyder; Southard; Spain; Sparks; Spaven; Spears; Spence; Spencer; Spina; Spindle; Spraker; Spratley; Spriggs; Spring; Stakes; Stanley; Starlings; Starvis; Stegeman; Stephen; Stephens; Steptoe; Stevens; Stewart; Still; Stillwell; Stinehart; Stoddard; Stone; Stoner; Story; Stowe; Strain; Strange; Straughan; Straughn; Strother; Studds; Suits; Sullivan; Susa; Suthard; Sutton; Swain; Swann; Swift; Sydner; Sydnor; Sylvia; Sypert; Tadlock; Tadrous; Talbott; Taliaferro; Talliaferro; Tally; Tarner; Tarpley; Tarrant; Tate; Tatem; Taylor; Tebbs; Thomas; Thompson; Thomson; Thomte; Thorndike; Thorne; Thornton; Thrift; Thrower; Ticer; Tiggle; Tignor; Tilghman; Tingle; Tinsley; Todd; Tolbert; Toleman; Tolnitch; Tolson; Tolston; Tomson; Toulson; Towlson; Tracy; Travers; Traylor; Treakle; Trigg; Tucker; Turnage; Turner; Tuttle; Tyrrell; Tyson; Underwood; Unruh; Valgean; Van Camp; Van Eyk;; Vandlandingham; Vanecek; Vaninwegen; Vanlandingham; Vaughan; Veanie; Venable; Veney; Verlie; Vernon; Vickers; Vipperman; Voci; Von Elten; Waddy; Wade; Wagner; Walker; Wall; Wallace; Walsh; Walters; Ward; Warfield; Waring; Warner; Warren; Warwick; Washington; Waterfield; Waters; Watkins; Watson; Watt; Weaver; Webb; Webster; Welch; West; Westmoreland; Weymouth; Whaley; Wheeler; White; Whitney; Whittaker; Wiblin; Widmer; Wiggins; Wildermuth; Wildy; Wiles; Wilkins; Willard; Willen; Williams; Williams-Holland; Williamson; Willing; Willis; Wilmore; Wilmoth; Wilson; Windsor; Winfield; Wingate; Winstead; Winstead/Dungan; Wirt; Wise; Withers; Wollett; Womac; Wonsom; Wonson; Wood; Woodbridge; Woodhull; Woods; Woodson; Woodward; Woolard; Wormeley; Wren; Wright; Wyand; Wyland; Yancey; Yeatman; Yehle; Yerby; Young; Zartman; and Zimmerman.
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[SFNC] $37.95

NORTHUMBERLAND CO., VA 1810 CENSUS transcribed by John Vogt. 2009. 8 x 10, x, 19 pages, illustrations, maps, arranged in the original rough alphabetic form used by the enumerator. In addition, in an unusual move, the enumerator chose to require three additional pieces of information from the households: 1)the number of gallons of brandy produced [annually?]; 2)the number of looms in the household; and finally, 3)yards of cloth woven by the household [presumably annually]. This information reveals a great deal about the cottage industry of this Chesapeake community and its relations with port factors and traders.
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[NM10] $8.95     (printed version)

The above title is also available as a digital e-book in PDF format:        HOW TO ORDER

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[ENM10] $6.00     (electronic version)

Northumberland County,Virginia 1678-1699 Court Order Book Part One, Court Orders for: August 21, 1678 through April 20, 1687
Charles and Virginia Hamrick, 2004, xii, 540 pp., index, 8½" x 11" format. The Hamricks continue their transcription of the seventeenth century Northumberland order books with this third volume (See first two, 1699-1713 below). A faithful transcription of the court order for these years from this eastern, Tidewater county. Northumberland was part of the Northern Neck of the Fairfax Grant, and it was created in 1645 out of the former Chickakoan Indian District.
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[Nob1678-1] $51.95

Northumberland County,Virginia 1678-1699 Court Order Book Part Two, Court Orders for: April 20, 1687 through December 21, 1698
Charles and Virginia Hamrick, 2004, xii, 627 pp., index, 8½" x 11" format. The Hamricks continue their transcription of the seventeenth century Northumberland order books with this fourth volume (See first two, 1699-1713 below). A faithful transcription of the court order for these years from this eastern, Tidewater county. Northumberland was part of the Northern Neck of the Fairfax Grant, and it was created in 1645 out of the former Chickakoan Indian District.
NOTE: because of the size of this volume, the index of names is bound separate from the Order Book; it is, however, included with each order.
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[Nob1678-2] $56.95

Northumberland County,Virginia 1699 Court Order Book Part One, Court Orders for: January 1699 through November 23, 1706
Charles and Virginia Hamrick, 1999, xii, 509 pp., index, 8½" x 11" format. A faithful transcription of the court order for these years from this eastern, Tidewater county. Northumberland was part of the Northern Neck of the Fairfax Grant, and it was created in 1645 out of the former Chickakoan Indian District.
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[Nob1699-1] $46.95

Northumberland County,Virginia 1699 Court Order Book Part Two, Court Orders for: November, 23 1706 through September 16, 1713 A Translation by Charles and Virginia Hamrick. 549 pages, 8.5" x 11" format. The index records analyses of probable correct spellings of all the various spellings used to trace the orthography of the names in an attempt to reconcile them with their modern equivalents.
The Supreme Court of Record in the Dominion of Virginia in the Early 18th Century is the General Court, held at the Capitol, in the City of Williamsburg. The Court had Jurisdiction, and held Pleas of all Matters whatsoever arising within this Colony, Criminal, Ecclesiastical, or Civil, at Common Law, or in Chancery, Real, Personal, or Mixed. It also received and determined Appeals, and Supersedeas, obtained from the Judgment of any Inferior Court or Record: Grants Certificates of Probate of Wills, and determined the Right of Administration, where the Estate exceeded £50 Value. There are also records of all Prisoners committed to the Public Jail, and innumerable Rules, Orders, and Decrees.
This painstaking continuation of the transcription started in the first volume (above), covers so many various types of records in such great detail that we can't begin to cover it all here. The every-name index alone spans 93 pages of small type, listing almost anyone who was the subject of public documentation during this early colonial period in a county which covered a vast area of the northern neck region.
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[Nob1699-2] $51.95

NORTHUMBERLAND CO., VA. DEATH RECORDS, 1853-1896 abstracted by Nell Hailey, vi, 222 pages, index. A thorough and accurate abstraction of all the data contained in the first death register for Northumberland County. Contains (in most cases) name of deceased, sex, free or slave, place of death, contributing cause, age at time of death, place of birth, parents' names, and name of person reporting death to authorities.

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[Nrdr] $27.00

ABSTRACTS OF VIRGINIA'S NORTHERN NECK (LAND) WARRANTS & SURVEYS, 1697-1784 (HAMPSHIRE, BERKELEY, LOUDOUN, FAIRFAX, KING GEORGE, WESTMORELAND, RICHMOND, NORTHUMBERLAND AND LANCASTER COUNTIES) by Peggy Shomo Joyner. 1987, xv, 225 pp. Published as the fourth and last volume in a series of Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, this collection has become a standard reference work for researchers in the period of colonial Virginia history.
Hampshire, 1750-1784 (pp. 1-78); Berkeley (1734), 1750-1781 (pp. 79-96); Loudoun, (1729), 1744-1779 (pp. 97-104); Fairfax, (1697), 1739-1779 (pp. 105-120); King George, (1667), 1722-1770 (pp. 121-127); Westmoreland, (1650), 1722-1778 (pp. 129-134); Richmond, (1662), 1697-1778 (pp. 135-140); Northumberland, (1653), 1719-1750 (pp. 141-142); Lancaster, (1664), 1723-1756 (p. 143); Guy Broadwater Surveys, 1749 (pp. 145-150); Miscellaneous Wills from Land Office Records, 1656-1840 (pp. 151-160); Jonathan Clark Notebook (Improvements in the Northern Neck), 1786 (pp. 161-186); Placename index, name index.
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[Nnw4] $27.00

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[ENNW4] $20.00     electronic version; please note: this is a large .pdf file and will be sent as a .zip file.

Northumberland Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 17 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see: Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

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[Vd75] $7.00

Northumberland Co. Revolutionary Public Claims transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.. 2005. 22 pages, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the Virginia Revolutionary Public Claims and a listing of available counties, see: Revolutionary "Publick" Claims series

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[Pc51] $6.00     (printed version)

The above title is also available as a digital e-book in PDF format:        HOW TO ORDER

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[EPc51] $3.50     (electronic version)

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