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Halifax County Virginia

Map of Va: Halifax CountyHalifax County was formed in 1752 from the parent county, Lunenburg. Its name derives from the title of George Montagu Dunk, second earl of Halifax, who was president of the Board of Trade from 1748 to 1761. At the time of its creation, Halifax lands included the present counties of Henry, Patrick, and Pittsylvania, and portion of Franklin and Floyd counties. The only subdivision of Halifax occurred in 1766 with the establishment of Pittsylvania. All of the other counties derived from further subdivisions of Pittsylvania.

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps
HALIFAX COUNTY, VA 1810 "SUBSTITUTE CENSUS" [Abstracts from the 1810 Personal Property Tax List] by John Vogt, 2010, 5 1/2"x 8 1/2" format, viii, 31 pages, map.
        Halifax is one of eighteen Virginia counties for which the 1810 census is lost. In August, 1814 British troops occupied Washington, DC and public buildings were put to the torch. In the destruction that followed, numerous early records of the government were lost, including all of Virginia’s 1790 and 1800 census reports, as well as eighteen county lists for the state's most recent [1810] federal census. Although two “fair copies” of each county’s census had been left in the counties for public display, these were ephemeral lists and not preserved, and by 1814 they too had been mislaid, lost, or destroyed. Hence, the closest document available we have to reconstruct a partial image of the missing county lists is the personal property tax list.
       According to research notes by Minor T. Weisiger, Library of Virginia archivist: “Information recorded in Virginia personal property tax records changed gradually from 1782 to 1865. The early laws required the tax commissioner in each district to record in “a fair alphabetical list” the names of the person chargeable with the tax, the names of white male tithables over the age of twenty-one, the number of white male tithables between ages sixteen and twenty-one, the number of slaves both above and below age sixteen, various types of animals such as horses and cattle, carriage wheels, ordinary licenses, and even billiard tables. Free Negroes are listed by name and often denoted in the list as “free” or “FN.”
       The present abstract of Halifax's 1810 personal property tax list is NOT a transcript of the entire document; rather, it is a summary of three items important in delineating the 1810 "substitute" census for this county, i.e., number of male tithables 16 and older, number of slaves twelve years and older, and the number of horses. The original form of the census was in alphabetic order by date and letter [see example on page vi below]. The substitute list presented here is in absolute alphabetic order for easy reference.

In the current volume, the data is recorded thus:
Bruce, James 1      43      29
to indicate one tithable male, forty-three slaves over 12, and twenty-nine horses, mares or mules.

        For genealogical researchers in this 1810 period, personal property tax records may provide additional important information. Oftentimes, juniors and seniors are listed adjacent to one another and recorded on the same day. When a taxpayer is noted as “exempt”, it can be a clue to someone holding a particular position in government or being elderly, infirm, or for some other reason no longer required to pay the tithable tax. Women, both black and white, appear occasionally as heads of households when they own property in their own right or as the widow of a property owner.
        Another valuable source for filling in information about an ancestor is the land tax record, and especially the one for 1815. In that year, the enumerators began to add the location of the property in relation to the county court house. Thus “Bruce, James”, who was living with only himself as a tithable in 1810, would appear in the land tax list as Bruce, James, with three separate individuals with the same given name, along with the two John Bruces mentioned in the tax list; all of these were located in the district of Robert Hurt, while the home of Charles Bruce in the district assigned to Berryman Green was cited as being on Miry Creek. Roger Ward has abstracted all of the 1815 land tax records, and they are available from this publisher at
        The 1810 substitute census list for Halifax County contains 2,453 households, 2,725 tithables, both white and free black, 5,275 slaves over the age of twelve, and 6.010 horses.

SURNAMES included in the 1810 personal property list are:
          Abbot; Abbott; Abney; Abott; Adams; Adkison; Akin; Alderson; Allen; Amonett; Anderson; Anderton; Annot; Arnold; Arrington; Ashby; Ashlock; Atkerson; Atkinson; Atkison; Averett; Avery

          Bagley; Bailey; Baker; Ball; Banks; Barber; Barksdale; Barley; Barnes; Bass; Bates; Baugh; Bayne; Baynham; Bays; Bazzle; Beadles; Beckham; Bell; Bennet; Bennett; Bentley; Betts; Bibb; Billups; Blackstock; Blackwell; Blalock; Blane; Blank; Blankenship; Bohannon; Boles; Boman; Bomar; Bond; Bonner; Booker; Borum; Bostick; Bowers; Bowing; Boxley; Boyd; Braday; Bradey; Bradshaw; Brame; Brandon; Brewer; Brewer; Bridgwater; Briggs; Brister; Britton; Brook; Brooks; Browder; Brown; Browning; Bruce; Brumfield; Bryan; Bryant; Buckley; Buckner; Bugg; Bull; Buntin; Bunting; Burch; Burchet; Burdett; Burge; Burrous; Burton; Butler; Butt; Byrne; Byrnes

          Cabiness; Cage; Cain; Caldwell; Cammell; Camp; Campbell; Cannaday; Cardwell; Carlton; Carmical; Carmock; Carr; Carrington; Carter; Cartnal; Cassaday; Cassady; Chaffin; Chalmers; Chamberlane; Chambers; Chambes; Chandler; Chapman; Chappell; Chastain; Cheatham; Cheshire; Childers; Childrey; Childs; Chissum; Chisum; Clabourn; Clabourne; Claibourne; Clarbrook; Clarbrooks; Clardy; Clark; Claughton; Clay; Clayton; Clements; Clowdis; Coat; Coates; Coats; Cobbs; Cock; Cole; Coleman; Coles; Collins; Colquett; Combs; Comer; Compton; Comton; Connally; Conner; Cook; Cooper; Cornwell; Corwell; Couch; Covington; Cox; Crabtree; Craddock; Crank; Crawley; Crenshaw; Crews; Crinshaw; Crittenden; Crutchfield; Crute; Culley; Cumba; Cumbo; Cumpton; Cunningham; Cureton

          Dance; Daniel; Davanport; Davenport; David; Davidson; Davis; Daws; Dennis; Desmukes; Dewberry; Dews; Dickie; Dillard; Dismukes; Dixon; Dobson; Dodson; Donohoe; Doss; Douglass; Dowdy; Drummond; Dummond; Duncum; Dunivant; Dunkley; Dunman; Dunn; Dunnaway; Dupee; Durham; Dyamitt; Dyamitte; Dyer

          Eanes; Easley; East; Eastes; Eastham; Eatherston; Echols; Edmond; Edmonds; Edmondson; Edwards; Elam; Elliott; Epperson; Epps; Evans

          Farguson; Faris; Farley; Farmer; Faulkner; Ferrel; Ferrell; Fields; Finch; Firesheets; Fisher; Fitts; Fitzgerald; Flagg; Fleming; Fletcher; Fling; Flora; Follis; Ford; Forguson; Forrest; Foster; Foulkes; Foulks; Fourqurean; Fowler; Francis; Franklin; Freeman; Fulkerson

          Galaspie; Garlington; Garner; Gates; Geard; Gent; George; Ghoalston; Ghoatstan; Giggory; Gill; Gillington; Glass; Glenn; Glidewell; Glidwell; Godby; Good; Goode; Gooding; Goodman; Goodrum; Graday; Grant; Gravet; Green; Greenwood; Gresham; Grey; Grey; Griffen; Griffin; Grigory; Guill; Gunn; Gunston; Gunter; Guthrey

          Hackney; Hailey; Hairston; Haistin; Haley; Haley; Halifax Mfg. Society; Hall; Hamlett; Hancock; Handley; Hankla; Hannah; Hannings; Harbour; Hardin; Hardwick; Harper; Harrilson; Harris; Harrison; Hart; Haskins; Hawkins; Hay; Haygood; Haymes; Haynes; Henderson; Hendrick; Hendrick; Henry; Hensley; Henson; Herp; Herring; Heston; Hestor; Hewell; Hicks; High; Hight; Hightower; Hill; Hitson; Hitt; Hobson; Hodge; Hodges; Holloway; Holt; Hopkins; Hopson; Howerton; Hubbard; Huddleston; Hudson; Hughes; Hughs; Hunt; Hup; Hurst; Hurt; Huskerson; Hutcherson; Hutson

          Inge; Ingram; Irby; Iron; Irvine; Ivins

Jackson; James; Jefferis; Jeffries; Jennett; Jennings; Jesup; Jinkins; Jinnings; Johnson; Jones; Jordan; Juniel

          Keatts; Keeling; Keens; Kennon; Kent; Kerby; Kerr; Kersey; Kessinger; King; Kirby; Kirk

          Lacey; Ladd; Laffoon; Lain; Lampkin; Landrum; Lane; Lansdawn; Lawson; Lax; Leak; Legrand; Leigh; Leonard; Lester; Lewis; Light; Ligon; Link; Linn; Lipscomb; Llax; Loftis; Logan; Long; Lovelace; Lovern; Lowry; Loyd; Lucas; Lufman

          Mackcollister; Maddin; Maddison; Maden; Major; Malem; Malone; Mann; Marcum; Marlow; Marrable; Marshall; Martin; Mason; Matthias; May; Maynard; Mays; McAtester; McAtister; McBride; McCaffery; McCaffrey; McCain; McCallister; McCann; McCarter; McCarty; McComack; McCraw; McCutcheon; Mcdaniel; McGraw; McGrigger; McKinney; McMahon; McNeely; Medley; Meeler; Menifee; Merefield; Merifield; Merrit; Merry; Milam; Miles; Miller; Mills; Milner; Milnor; Minor; Minor; Mitchell; Mon; Montgomery; Moody; Moore; Moorefield; Morefield; Morgan; Morris; Mosley; Moss; Mullins; Murphy; Murry

          Nance; Nash; Neal; Neel; Nelson; New; Newbil; Newbill; Nichols; Norris; Nunnellee

          Oakes; Old; Oliver; Oneal; Osborn; Osborne; Ousley; Overby; Overly; Overstreet; Owen

          Pace; Palmer; Pamphlin; Pannel; Pannell; Parish; Parker; Pass; Pate; Patterson; Pearcen; Percin; Perkerson; Perkins; Perry; Perryman; Pettey; Pettus; Petty; Phelps; Phillips; Pickett; Pillow; Pinnuk; Pinson; Pleasants; Poindexter; Poiner; Pointer; Pointor; Ponsonby; Pool; Posey; Potts; Powell; Powell; Prestan; Preston; Price; Priddy; Prindle; Priyer; Probey; Proby; Puckett; Puge; Pugh; Pulliam; Purcell

          Radden; Ragland; Ragsdale; Ransame; Ray; Read; Reaves; Reynolds; Rice; Richards; Richardson; Richerson; Ricketts; Rickman; Ridgeway; Roades; Roakes; Roberts; Robertson; Rodgers; Rogers; Ross; Rowe; Rowlett; Rowlette; Royall; Royster; Rud; Rudd; Rudder; Rugland; Runials; Russell

          Sadler; Sailes; Salman; Salmon; Sampson; Sandford; Sawyers; Scantling; Scates; Scoggins; Scott; Scurlock; Seal; Seamore; Seamster; Seat; Seay; Shaw; Sheffield; Shelton; Shepard; Sherring; Shewmake; Shipley; Short; Shotwell; Sibley; Sikes; Simmons; Sims; Singleton; Sizemore; Skip; Slate; Slayton; Smalman; Smith; Snead; Sneed; Sparrow; Spencer; Spragins; Stamps; Standley; Stanfield; Stanley; Stephens; Stevens; Stewart; Stigall; Stokes; Stone; Stovall; Stow; Strange; Street; Stuart; Stubblefield; Stugall; Sullivant; Sutherland; Swinney; Sydnar; Sydnor

          Talley; Tanner; Tarpley; Taylor; Terrel; Terrell; Terril; Terry; Tharp; Thaxton; Thomas; Thompson; Throgmorton; Thweate; Thweath; Tiller; Tolbart; Tolbert; Tolloh; Tombs; Tomlin; Toot; Torian; Towns; Trammell; Transoe; Traylor; Traynham; Trew; Tribble; Tuck; Tucker; Tune; Turner; Turpin; Tynes


          Vaden; Vanhook; Varner; Vass; Vasser; Vaughan; Venable; Vier

          Waddell; Wade; Walden; Walker; Wall; Wallace; Waller; Wallington; Walne; Walters; Waltington; Walton; Ward; Warren; Washbourn; Washer; Washington; Watkins; Watlington; Watson; Wattington; Watts; Wayne; Weatherford; Weaver; Webster; Welch; Wells; West; Westley; White; Whitehead; Whitehurst; Whitlaw; Whitlock; Whitlow; Whitman; Whitt; Whittimore; Whitworth; Wilbourn; Wilburn; Wiles; Wilkerson; Wilkins; Wilks; Williams; Williamson; Willingham; Willis; Wills; Wilmuth; Wilson; Wimbish; Winfree; Winn; Womack; Wommack; Wood; Woodall; Woodie; Wooding; Woodson; Word; Wright; Wyatt; Wyllie

          Yancey; Yates; Yewill; Yewland; Young; Younger
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[HLPP] $7.00     (printed version)

The above title is also available as a digital e-book in PDF format:        HOW TO ORDER

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[EHLPP] $5.00     (electronic version)

HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA TITHABLES AND VOTERS, 1755-1780 transcribed by Mary Bondurant Warren. 1990, 44 pages, map, transcribed in order, full name index, paperback. The volume lists taxpayers 1755, 1770, 1774, 1780 and voters in elections of 1765, 1766, 1768, and 1769.
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[Hatv] $11.00

LIST OF VOTERS FOR ELECTIONS OF BURGESSES, 1764-1769 transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1986, 44 pages, index. The election years represented were 1764, 1765, and 1769. Over 3,000 are listed. Complete name index provided.
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[Hvot] $7.95

HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, WILL BOOK 0, 1752-1773 transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1982, 88 pages, 8" x 11, index. Abstracts of wills, inventories and appraisements, and accounts current. The wills are practically verbatim transcriptions of the original. Includes a full name and place index.
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[Hwb0] $22.00

HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, WILL BOOK 1, 1773-1783 transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1984. 136 pages, 8" x 11, index. This second volume of abstracts follows the same format as Will Book 0. All pertinent data are included.
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[Hwb1] $22.00

HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, WILL BOOK 2, 1783-1792 transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1989. 136 pages, 8" x 11. This third volume of abstracts follows the same format as Will Book 0. The documents are referenced to the page number of Will Book 2. Verbatim transcriptions with only the religious preambles omitted. All names of persons, rivers, creeks, and neighboring landowners are given. The index provides access to over 3,000 names mentioned in this book and includes slaves and places other than Halifax.
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[Hwb2] $22.00

HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, DEED BOOK 1, 1752-1759 transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1988. 64 pages, 8" x 11. Halifax was formed in 1752 from Lunenburg County, and included the present counties of Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin, and Patrick. A map of the area is included. This book consists of abstracts of deeds, bonds, and sales. Complete index of all names, places, and slaves is provided.
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[Hdb1] $10.95

HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, DEED BOOKS 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6, 1759-1767 transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1989. 224 pages, 8" x 11. A continuation of the above.
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[Hdb2] $31.95

HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, DEED BOOK 7, 1767-1770 transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1990. 66 pages, 8 x 10. Continuing the series of deed book abstracts, this volume consists of deeds, bonds, and sales. These documents are referenced to the page numbers of the deed book. All names, including adjoining landowners when mentioned, are included in the complete name index.
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[Hdb7] $12.95

ENTRY RECORD BOOK [1], 1737-1770 (Land entries in the present Virginia counties of Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin, & Patrick) transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1984. 432 pages, 8" x 11. This book contains land entries in the western portion of the original Brunswick County. The area concerned was south of Blackwater Creek and Roanoke-Stanton River, west of Aaron's Creek (which divides Mecklenburg and Halifax counties), and extended to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The North Carolina line was the southern boundary. A complete index of all names, watercourses, mountains, etc.
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[Erb1] $47.95

HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, PLEA BOOK 1, 1752-1755 transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1990. 146 pages, 8" x 11. This book consists of abstracts of Plea Book 1. It includes court orders for administration and inventory of estates; acknowledgments of deeds, dower rights, and bills of sale; appointments of militia officers and Constitutional officers of the county, surveyors, juries, attorneys, guardians, etc.; and the establishment of roads, mills, ferries, and ordinaries. A complete index is provided.
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[Hpb1] $26.95

VESTRY BOOK OF ANTRIM PARISH, HALIFAX CO., VIRGINIA, 1752-1817 transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1983, 160 pages, 8" x 11, soft cover. Comprised of the Minutes of Meetings held by the vestry. the church was responsible only for the religious ministry of the parishioners, but also for their secular needs, e.g., general welfare. "Processioning" the property lines was also ordered by the church, and much additional information regarding area of residence and neighbors is given. (Halifax County extended west to the Blue Ridge Mountains until 1767 when Pittsylvania County was formed. Antrim Parish was created at the same time as Halifax [1752] and had the same boundaries.) A complete index of names is included.
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[Hvbk] $29.95

1850 CENSUS OF HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1982, 270 pages, 8" x 11, soft cover. The first census to list all members of the household. Age, sex, occupation, and other miscellaneous information is also recorded. A surname index is provided.
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[Ha50] $32.00

MARRIAGES OF HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1801-1830 transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito. 1985, 183 pages, 8" x 11, soft cover. This book is a sequel to Marriages of Halifax Co., Virginia 1753-1800 which was published by Knorr in 1957. Approximately 3,100 marriages are listed and all the information given is included.
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[Hali] $32.00

THE OLD TRUNK by Powhatan Bouldin [1896]. Reprinted 1990. 84 pages, 6x9, soft cover. This book was originally inspired by documents dating to colonial times and found in an old trunk by the author It should be interesting reading, and of genealogical value, especially to those whose ancestors lived in Southside Virginia. A complete index of names and marriage records for some people mentioned has been added in the reprinting

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[Oldt] $12.95

Halifax Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 51 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see: Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

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[EVd360] $7.00     (electronic version)

Halifax Co. Revolutionary Public Claims transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.. 2005. 61 pages, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the Virginia Revolutionary Public Claims and a listing of available counties, see: Revolutionary "Publick" Claims series

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