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Spotsylvania County Virginia

Map of Va: Spotsylvania CountySpotsylvania County was established on 1 May 1721 from the upper portions of King & Queen, King William, and Essex counties. The county's name honored Alexander Spotswood, lieutenant governor of Virginia from 1710 to 1722. Spotsylvania county reached its present boundary configuration after Orange County was cut from its western territory in 1734. Since the lands encompassed by Spotsylvania fell within the bounds of the Indian Reserve, settlers who first moved into the region in the mid-seventeenth century had to barter with the natives for rights to occupy lands there. The records for the county are intact, although a number of records are held by the Fredericksburg circuit court (early sessions of the courts of the Spotsylvania judicial district were held at the Fredericksburg courthouse).

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps
Spotsylvania County,Virginia 1810 Federal Census: A Transcription
John Vogt, 2008, x, 35 pp., 8x10 format, illustrations, maps, full name index. A faithful and accurate transcription of the first surviving census for this Virginia county. It includes not only the rural areas of the county, but a separate listing for the corporation of Fredericksburg.

Family names included in the 1810 Spotsylvania census are listed below:
Abbot; Adams; Akers; Allen; Allins; Almond; Alsop; Anderson; Andrews; Apperson; Arnold; Atkins; Baggot; Ballad; Ballinger; Banks; Baptist; Barber; Barker; Barnet; Barret; Barton; Beazley; Beazly; Beck; Bedford; Bell; Benson; Bernard; Bernet; Berry; Berryman; Beverly; Billingsley; Blair; Blantain; Blaydes; Blink; Boggs; Bolling; Boone; Bounce; Bowden; Bowen; Bowling; Boxley; Breeden; Brent; Brightwell; Brimmer; Brining; Bristoe; Brock; Bronaugh; Brooke; Brooks; Brown; Brownlow; Bruen; Buck; Buckner; Bullard; Bullock; Bundy; Bunnell; Burden; Burk; Burrage; Burrass; Burroughs; Butt; Byram; Caldwell; Caler; Cammack; Cammel; Cammell; Campaign; Carmichael; Carnel; Carnohan; Carpenter; Carter; Cary; Cash; Cason; Catlet; Chadwell; Chambers; Chandler; Chevis; Chew; Chewning; Chiles; Chism; Christy; Clark; Clayton; Clements; Coakley; Coats; Coleman; Collins; Commack; Connel; Conner; Cooke; Copage; Corthron; Cosby; Cottom; Cowan; Cox; Coyle; Craven; Crawford; Cristie; Crosly; Crump; Crutchfield; Cunningham; Curtis; Dabney; Daingerfield; Daniel; Darby; Darnaby; Davenport; Davis; Dawson; Day; Dean; Delevar; Dickinson; Dillard; Dishman; Dismukes; Dixon; Donaldson; Donnally; Donohoe; Draper; Drinnan; Dudley; Duerson; Duncan; Duncum; Durret; Durrett; Duvall; Edds; Edenton; Edge; Edwards; Ellis; Elly; Emack; Emberson; Emmerson; Estes; Evans; Fagg; Falkner; Fant; Farish; Fergurson; Ferneyhough; Filcolm; Fipps; Fisher; Fitzgarrel; Fitzpatrick; Fleman; Fleming; Fletcher; Floyd; Ford; Forward; Foster; Fox; Frances; Frazer; French; Fry; Fuller; Gains; Gardner; Garner; Garnet; Gatewood; Gibbs; Gibson; Gimbo; Glass; Goldsberry; Golier; Goodloe; Goodwin; Goolrick; Gorden; Gore; Goss; Grady; Graves; Gray; Grayson; Green; Gregory; Grinnin; Grots; Gru; Hackney; Hailey; Hall; Hamilton; Hammon; Haner; Haney; Hardee; Hardie; Harris; Hart; Haskins; Hawkins; Hayden; Haydon; Hazlegrove; Head; Helton; Henderson; Hennage; Herndon; Herod; Heslop; Hewlet; Hicks; Hieskel; Higgin; Hil; Hill; Hilman; Hoard; Hogan; Holbert; Holladay; Hollady; Holland; Hollinger; Hollingsworth; Holloway; Hooten; Hopkins; Hord; Hore; Horn; Hoskins; Howison; Hughs; Hume; Humphrese; Humphrise; Hutchinson; Hyde; Jackson; James; Jarrel; Jenkins; Jenning; Jennings; Jett; Johnston; Jones; Julian; Keeton; Kenny; Kent; Ker; Keys; King; Kirby; Knight; Lancely; Landrum; Lane; Lauk; Lawson; Layton; Lear; Leavel; Lee; Levell; Lewis; Lindsay; Lipscomb; Lively; Liverpool; Long; Lover; Lucas; Luck; Lumsdon; Macky; Magee; Maning; Mark; Marquess; Marshal; Martin; Mason; Massey; Mathews; May; Mayer; Mayree; McCloud; McColly; McCoul; McCoy; McDearmott; McDormant; McKenny; McWhirt; McWilliams; Mercer; Meredith; Miers; Miller; Mills; Milstead; Minor; Mitchel; Mitchum; More; Morris; Mortimer; Morton; Moxley; Mullin; Murphy; Murry; Myers; Neal; Nelson; Newby; Newton; Noe; Noel; Norwood; Ollive; Olliver; Overton; Owens; Page; Parke; Parker; Parr; Parrot; Partlow; Patterson; Patton; Payne; Peacock; Pearson; Pendleton; Penn; Penny; Perry; Peters; Peyton; Phillips; Pierce; Pilcher; Pilsher; Polk; Pollard; Pomfrey; Pope; Porter; Potts; Pound; Pourtney; Powell; Pritchet; Procter; Proctor; Pruet; Pucket; Pullen; Pulliam; Purvis; Quarles; Quisenberry; Rader; Rains; Rawlings; Reader; Reaveley; Redd; Reeves; Reynolds; Riadon; Richards; Richardson; Ridley; Robbins; Roberts; Robey; Robins; Robinson; Roddy; Rogers; Roggers; Rootes; Roots; Ross; Rothrock; Roy; Sacre; Sale; Samuel; Sandige; Sandridge; Schooler; Scot; Scott; Scrugham; Sears; Sedwedge; Sexsmith; Shackelford; Shackleford; Shannon; Shelly; Shelton; Shepheard; Shepherd; Shields; Ship; Shultice; Simpson; Slater; Slaughter; Smallwood; Smith; Smock; Snape; Sorrel; Sorrell; Southard; Spencer; Spindle; Spooner; Spotswood; Stanley; Stannard; Star; Stark; Stayar; Stears; Sterling; Sters; Stevens; Stevenson; Stewart; Stivers; Stocus; Stone; Stonnell; Straughn; Strutton; Stubblefield; Studdy; Sullivan; Susan; Sweny; Talliaferro; Tamplen; Tandy; Tate; Taylor; Terrel; Terrier; Terry; Thatcher; Thom; Thomas; Thomason; Thompson; Thomson; Thornton; Thraelkeld; Tiller; Todd; Tompkins; Towles; Trigg; True; Tuel; Tull; Turner; Turnley; Twyman; Tyler; Underwood; Vass; Vaughn; Vaugn; Vawter; Victor; Vineyard; Waits; Walden; Walher; Walker; Wallace; Waller; Ware; Washington; Weatherly; Webb; Webber; Weidmeyer; Welford; Wellford; Wells; Welsh; West; Wharton; Wheeler; Whitaker; White; Whitehead; Whitlock; Whitsby; Wiglesworth; Wilkinson; Williams; Willis; Willoughby; Wilson; Wine; Wisdom; Wood; Woodward; Woolfolk; Woolfork; Wren; Wright; Yates; and Young.

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Spotsylvania Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 22 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see: Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

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Spotsylvania Co. Revolutionary Public Claims transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.. 2005. 52 pages, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the Virginia Revolutionary Public Claims and a listing of available counties, see: Revolutionary "Publick" Claims series

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For records pertaining to Spotsylvania COUNTY, VIRGINIA see:

  • King and Queen, King William, Essex County and Orange Counties, plus the Independent City of Fredericksburg

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