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Independent City of Hampton

Aside from Jamestown, the city of Hampton is the oldest continuously site in English America. When John Smith visited the region in 1607, he noted an Indian village on the site beside Southampton River (later changed to Hampton Creek, from when the town took its name). By 1610, a small English settlement had been established, and the village possessed a trading post there during the 1630s. The community was formally established in 1680 by an Act of Assembly, and the town was designated as a port in 1708. This assignment of trading privileges overseas sealed its success, and the area's population continued to grow; incorporated as a town in 1849 and again in 1852. Hampton's incorporation was repealed by the legislature in 1860, but was incorporated again as a town in 1887, and it became a city by court order in 1908. In 1952, Hampton absorbed the town of Phoebus as well as the original shire (1634) of Elizabeth City County.

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