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Hampshire County Virginia

Map of Va: Hampshire CountySettlers had come to the region of the future county about 1735 and by 1740 there already were small settlements along the south branch of the Potomac. Hampshire County was formed in 1754 from parts of Augusta and Frederick counties. It is the oldest county in the present state of West Virginia and probably was named for the English shire. Although the enabling legislation for the new county dates from 1754, the border unrest of the French and Indian War delayed the formal organization of the county until 1757. In its original configuration, the new county included the present counties of Hardy, Mineral, and Grant, and portions of Morgan and Pendleton. In 1777 Augusta gave additional lands to Hampshire. In 1785 Hardy County was created from Hampshire land, but two years later, part of Hardy was returned to Hampshire's administration. In 1820 Morgan County was formed in part from Hampshire territory. Mineral County was wholly formed from Hampshire in 1866, and Mineral received additional lands from its parent county in 1868 (Mill Creek Township). This 1868 addition was repealed in 1872 and the lines returned to their 1866 position. Although the new county was set to convene its first court in May, 1754, the opening battles of the French and Indian War, with General Braddock's disastrous defeat the following year, delayed Hampshire's courts. Most of the populace fled eastward to Frederick County as the Indian depredations increased. It was not until 1757 that the county began to function uninterrupted. By 1762 the court had been moved from its original site at Piersall's Flats to the new neighboring town of Romney, which became the county seat. Hampshire suffered a severe records loss during the Civil War as the courthouse was occupied by Union cavalry and used as a stable, and some of the records evacuated earlier by wagon to Frederick County for safekeeping were scattered or lost.

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps
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Hampshire County,Virginia 1810 Federal Census: A Transcription with index
John Vogt, 2010, x, 43 pp., 8x10 format, illustrations, maps, full name index. A faithful and accurate transcription of the first surviving census for this Virginia county.
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ABSTRACTS OF VIRGINIA's NORTHERN NECK (LAND) WARRANTS & SURVEYS, 1697-1784 (HAMPSHIRE, BERKELEY, LOUDOUN, FAIRFAX, KING GEORGE, WESTMORELAND, RICHMOND, NORTHUMBERLAND AND LANCASTER COUNTIES) by Peggy Shomo Joyner. 1987, xv, 225 pp. Published as the fourth and last volume in a series of Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, this collection has become a standard reference work for researchers in the period of colonial Virginia history.
Hampshire, 1750-1784 (pp. 1-78); Berkeley (1734), 1750-1781 (pp. 79-96); Loudoun, (1729), 1744-1779 (pp. 97-104); Fairfax, (1697), 1739-1779 (pp. 105-120); King George, (1667), 1722-1770 (pp. 121-127); Westmoreland, (1650), 1722-1778 (pp. 129-134); Richmond, (1662), 1697-1778 (pp. 135-140); Northumberland, (1653), 1719-1750 (pp. 141-142); Lancaster, (1664), 1723-1756 (p. 143); Guy Broadwater Surveys, 1749 (pp. 145-150); Miscellaneous Wills from Land Office Records, 1656-1840 (pp. 151-160); Jonathan Clark Notebook (Improvements in the Northern Neck), 1786 (pp. 161-186); Placename index, name index.
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Hampshire Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 58 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see:
Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

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Hampshire Co. Revolutionary Public Claims transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.. 2005. 37 pages, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the Virginia Revolutionary Public Claims and a listing of available counties, see:
Revolutionary "Publick" Claims series

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