Texas Naturalization Records to 1906
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Before 1906, immigrants to the United States could file their citizenship papers in any federal, state or local court. After 1906, the various papers related to applying for citizenship were forwarded to the Federal Immigration and Naturalization Service.

We intend to survey all Texas counties for these early Naturalizations, beginning with those in South Texas along the Rio Grande River. Thanks to any reader who wishes to send me corrections/additions, etc. We have made an effort to use the exact spellings found in the documents, rather than “correct” to probable surname, village, etc.

On the microfilm, entries are listed in order of date of application, beginning in 1883. Here we have presented them alphabetically. The age listed is assumed to be the applicants age at time of application, rather than age at time of entry. For example, the earliest date of entry in Uvalde County is that of Santos Gonzales of Lampasas, Mexico, who claimed to have entered the USA about 1 January 1831.
N.B. The only exception to this thusfar is in Cameron County, where the original clerk omitted most of the personal information and only recorded the name, country of origin and date of the document

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