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The Growth of Virginia, 1634-1895:

VA 1791-1800

As the 1790s began, several important readjustments in the political scene of Virginia occurred. Patrick was formed from Henry, Bath from Augusta, Botetourt, and Greenbrier, and in the Tidewater the formerly sparsely-occupied portions of Gloucester were made into Mathews. In 1792, the whole set of the counties west of the Cumberland Mountains became the State of Kentucky. In 1793 Lee was created from Russell, Grayson from Wythe, and Madison from Culpeper. In 1797 and 1798 Brooke and Wood were formed in the Appalachian Plateau from Ohio and Harrison; and in 1799 and 1800 Monroe and Tazewell came from Greenbrier, and Wythe and Russell, respectively.

1791 - Patrick (Henry)
1791 - Bath (Augusta, Botetourt, Greenbrier)
1791 - Mathews (Gloucester)
1793 - Lee (Russell)
1793 - Grayson (Wythe)
1793 - Madison (Culpeper)
1797 - Brooke (Ohio)
1798 - Wood (Harrison)
1799 - Monroe (Greenbrier)
1800 - Tazewell (Wythe, Russell)

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[adapted from Michael Doran, Atlas of County Boundary Changes in Virginia, 1634-1895], available under General References

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