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Franklin County Virginia

Map of Va: Franklin CountyFranklin County, named for Benjamin Franklin, was formed in 1786 from adjoining lands of Bedford and Henry counties. In 1848 the part of Patrick County lying northeast of Smith's River was added to Franklin County, and in 1873 a small part of Franklin was taken away and given to Floyd County. Franklin's boundaries have not changed since that time. Franklin County's location adjacent to both the Great Valley Road to the Cumberland Plateau and also the Wagon Road into North Carolina spurred many of its inhabitants to join the great migrations out of Virginia in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps
FRANKLIN CO., VA 1810 CENSUS transcribed by John Vogt. 2010, 10 1/2 x 8 1/2, x, 39 pages, illustrations, maps, index. This is the first surviving census for Franklin, since both the 1790 and 1800 censuses have been lost. The manuscript is transcribed in its original form with all beginning and ending notations included. This document should be a complement to the fine work of Roger Ward (below) on land taxes in the county.

SURNAMES included in the 1810 Franklin census are:
          Absheir; Acres; Adams; Adcock; Adney; Agee; Aides; Allin; Altick; Amos; Anderson; Andrews; Angle; Arington; Armstrong; Arthur; Asbury; Aschew; Aschue; Ashinhurst; Ashworth; Austin;

          Bagley; Baley; Ball; Ballard; Barnerd; Barnheart; Barns; Barrett; Bassham; Batz; Bazzel; Beard; Beasley; Becket; Becknor; Behealer; Belcher; Bell; Bennet; Beverly; Bigers; Billips; Binion; Bird; Bishop; Blaekley; Blankenship; Blankinship; Boitnetts; Bond; Booling; Boon; Booth; Bowcock; Bowls; Bowman; Bowsman; Boyd; Bozzel; Bradley; Bradshaw; Bramer; Brewer; Briant; Brizendine; Brizindine; Broady; Brock; Brockman; Brogan; Brooks; Brower; Brown; Bundurant; Burditt; Burges; Burton; Burwell;

          Cabaniss; Calacoal; Calaway; Calaway; Callaway; Camp; Campbell; Carper; Carter; Casels; Chaffers; Chambers; Chandler; Charter; Cheatwood; Chewning; Chice; Childers; Clay; Clayborne; Cleets; Clemmons; Clerk; Clerkson; Clinginpeel; Clowers; Cochran; Cochrum; Cogar; Cole; Coleman; Collins; Conaway; Cook; Coolley; Cooper; Craddick; Craig; Craige; Creaghead; Cron; Crook; Crowl; Crump; Cuff; Culpason; Cuningham; Curtin; Cushman; Custard;

          Dale; Dame; David; Davis; Debow; Deheart; Deheaven; Delaney; Dennis; Dent; Denton; Derweese; Dickenson; Dillon; Dishorn; Divers; Dixon; Dobbins; Dodd; Donahower; Donohower; Doran; Doss; Dow; Dowdy; Dowton; Drake; Dudley; Dunman; Dunn;

          Earley; Early; Edmons; Edwards; Egnew; Elison; Ellis; Ellison; Ellit; English; Estes; Evans;

          Faris; Farmer; Feilds; Fellows; Ferguson; Finney; Fishburn; Fisher; Fitzjarrald; Florow; Flowro; Foalley; Forbes; Fortune; Franklin; Frith; Fuller;

          Gad; Garrett; Gearheart; Geheagan; Gervin; Gibson; Gilbert; Gillasby; Gillenwaters; Glass; Goode; Gosset; Gossnell; Gothard; Graves; Gray; Grayham; Green; Greer; Greggs; Griffeth; Griffith; Grimmet; Guilliams; Guirrand;

          Halcom; Hale; Hall; Hambrick; Hammack; Hamton; Hancock; Handy; Hargar; Harkrider; Harris; Harrison; Harston; Harwood; Haselip; Hatcher; Hawk; Haynes; Hayns; Hearter; Heartsell; Heatwell; Helm; Hemlin; Henry; Herd; Hiatt; Hickerson; Hickman; Higgs; Hill; Hipingstall; Hixon; Hockins; Hodges; Hogwood; Holland; Holloway; Hope; Hopkins; Hosley; Houser; Housman; Howard; Hoy; Hozea; Huff; Hughs; Hundley; Hunt; Hunter; Hurlock; Huston; Hutchenson; Hutson; Hutts; Hyatt; Hyley;

          Ikenbury; Ingram; Innes;

          Jackson; Jakes; James; Janney; Jarrett; Jefferson; Jeffrey; Jimason; Johnson; Jones; Justice;

          Keen; Kelley; Kemplin; Kenady; Kennet; Kersey; Kesler; Key; Keys; Kidd; King; Kingry; Kitchen; Kitterman; Kittirman; Kleet; Knowls; Koon; Kyle;

          Laffoon; Lamb; Lane; Lasey; Lavender; Law; Lee; Leffers; Lemmon; Lemmons; Leszance; Lett; Lewis; Linzey; Litteral; Livesay; Looden; Lovewell; Loyd; Luke; Lumsdel; Luney; Lyon;

          Manefee; Maning; Marcom; Marrs; Martin; Mason; Mastin; Matthews; Mattox; Maxely; Maxey; McCall; McClard; McCollister; McCombs; McCormack; McCraw; Mcdaniel; Mcgehee; McGregary; McGuffin; McGuire; McKinzey; McMullin; McNeal; McNealley; McVey; Meadow; Meese; Melton; Meriman; Miller; Mills; Minnix; Minton; Mishler; Mitchel; Moody; Moor; Morgan; Morris; Moseby; Moss; Mountgomary; Moveter; Muckelwane; Mullins; Murphy; Myers;

          Naper; Nave; New; Newbill; Newbury; Newton; Niblet; Nowel; Nowlin;

          Oneal; Osborne; Osburn; Overfelt; Overholt; Oyler;

          Pagan; Parbury; Parker; Passley; Pate; Patterson; Payne; Pearsey; Pearson; Peirson; Pelter; Pemberton; Penock; Perdue; Perkins; Peters; Phillips; Pickilsimer; Pinkard; Plyborne; Poindexter; Poteet; Potter; Powel; Powell; Pratt; Preston; Price; Prilliman; Prillimin; Prophet; Prothery; Pruddy; Pruit; Prunty; Prupecker; Pucket; Pugh; Purcil; Purgram;


          Radford; Rakes; Ramsey; Reed; Reel; Reeves; Richards; Richardson; Riggs; Rigney; Rineheart; Robenson; Roberts; Robertson; Rogers; Ross; Row; Rubil; Ruff; Rupe; Rutledge;

          Sammons; Sample; Saunders; Scarborough; Scott; Seagler; Seamones; Semones; Sense; Sharricks; Sheirwood; Sherim; Shewmake; Shewmaker; Shiveley; Short; Shrewsbury; Shurewaters; Sigman; Simmons; Sinck; Slone; Smith; Sneed; Snider; Soul; Southerlin; Sowels; Spoon; Spradlin; Staley; Standafer; Standley; Starkey; Starr; Stephens; Stewart; Stockton; Stone; Stover; Street; Sulavan; Swane; Swanson; Swinney;

          Tate; Taylor; Teel; Terrey; Thomason; Thomson; Thornton; Thurman; Tinsley; Toney; Townlin; Trail; Troup; Trout; Turnbull; Turner; Turpin; Tyry;


          Vandeveere; Vanmaples; Vest; Via; Vincin;

          Wade; Walker; Waller; Watson; Watts; Weaver; Web; Webster; Welch; West; White; Whitworth; Wilks; Williams; Williamson; Willis; Wimmer; Winfrey; Wingfeild; Wingo; Wood; Woodall; Woodcock; Wooddy; Woods; Word; Worley; Worner; Worrin; Wray; Wrey; Wright; Wyatt; Wyson; Wysong;

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An Important New Revolutionary War Title!
Revolutionary Warriors and Widows of Henry, Franklin, Patrick and Floyd Counties of Virginia: Pension Applications Transcribed and Abstracted by C. Leon Harris

  • Pension applications of all known revolutionary soldiers and widows who ever lived in Henry, Franklin, Patrick, or Floyd Counties
  • The Revolutionary War in the words of 200 participants
  • Annotated and with additional material on Arms and tactics
  • The Battle of Guilford Courthouse and numerous other Southern campaigns in the Carolinas and Georgia
  • Henry County Militia Virginia in the Revolutionary War
  • Extracts of widows’ pensions, many with family records
  • Completely indexed with more than 1000 surnames

  • 8 ¼" x 10 ¼" format, xiv, 376 pages, color cover, internal illustrations, bibliography, comprehensive index, maps, charts, graphs. Paperback.
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    [Rww] $31.95

    FRANKLIN COUNTY DEATH RECORDS, 1853-96 by Nell Hailey, vi, 296 pages, index. A thorough and accurate abstraction of all the data contained in the first death register for Franklin County. Many older inhabitants can be traced into the eighteenth century from the extrapolation of the data given on their death record. A valuable resource.
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    Franklin Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 31 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
    For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see: Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

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    For more records pertaining to FRANKLIN COUNTY, VIRGINIA see also:

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