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Clarke County Virginia

Map of Va: Clarke County Clarke County was formed in 1836 from the eastern portion of Frederick County and it was named for General George Rogers Clark, Conqueror of the Northwest. Except for a minor change in the Clarke-Warren border in 1860, its boundaries have remained unchanged. Clarke County was home to a number of noted individuals in the colonial period, including; Thomas Lord Fairfax, who made his home at Greenway Court (in the corner of Clarke, Warren, and Frederick counties, in 1745; Robert Carter, Fairfax's agent, at Millwood; and Benjamin Borden, who migrated from New Jersey to take up "Borden's Great Spring Tract" adjacent to Greenway Court Manor in 1734.

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CLARKE COUNTY, VIRGINIA MEN IN GRAY compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. 2011, 417 pages, index. A continuation of the same series as "Shenandoah County Men in Gray" (see Shenandoah county for details).
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GREEN HILL CEMETERY TOMBSTONES AND BURIALS, BERRYVILLE, CLARKE COUNTY, VIRGINIA (Fourth Edition - 2011) Donald R. and Mary L. Royston. Fourth edition, 2011, 11 x 8 1/2 format, ii, 356 pages, map. The authors have updated their survey of this major Clarke County cemetery and have faithfully recorded ca. 8,500 burials. This brings the cemetery records up to date as of 2011. In addition to the recording of the stones, hours were spent by volunteers from the Clarke County Historical Association combing through the journal records of the cemetery and copying the names of people interred there who had no grave marker. Approximately one thousand of these previously unrecorded graves are included in this new edition. Included for each entry (when available on the tombstone or family plot) is the name of the deceased, date of birth, date of death, cemetery lot number, burial date, and miscellaneous notes. The latter includes any recorded military service, relationships (e.g., wife of, husband of, etc.) and age at time of death, if noted. Arranged alphabetically throughout for easy reference.
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CEMETERIES OF CLARKE COUNTY, VIRGINIA Donald R. and Mary L. Royston. 2005, 11 x 8 1/2 format, viii, 105 pages, maps, surname index. This is a companion volume to complement the previously-published 'GREEN HILL CEMETERY' (above). An effort has been made to survey all of the known cemeteries in the county. The listing includes the following, taken from the table of contents:
Anderson Graveyard; Ashby-Baker Graveyard; Bell Graveyard - Bell Farm, US Rt. 340 South of Waterloo; Bell Graveyard - Squire Bell Farm at Pine Grove; Berryville Methodist Church Graveyard; Blackburn-Harris Graveyard; Blakemore Graveyard; Bonham Burials; Briggs Family Graveyard; Brownley-Mitchell Graveyard; Broy Burials; Bryarly Graveyard; Burchell-Forster Graveyard; Buckmarsh Baptist Church Cemetery; Butler Grave; Cain’s Chapel Methodist Church Graveyard; Calmes Graveyard; Castleman Graveyard; Cedar Hall Graveyard; Catlett Graveyard; Chandler Graveyard; Cleremont/Clearmont Farm Graveyard; Coolspring Graveyard; Crow-Castleman Graveyard; Dove Graveyard; Earle-Evans Graveyard; Enders Family Graveyard; Flore Graveyard; Frost Graveyard; Gaunt-Kitchen Graveyard; Green Hill (Plantation); Grigsby Graveyard; Graveyard at ‘Greenway Court’; Gunnell Grave; Jackson-Crampton Graveyard; Knight Graveyard; Lewis Family Burials; Lindsey Graveyard; Mason Graveyard; McCormick (George) Graveyard; McCormick (Samuel) Graveyard; McCormick Graveyard (‘Tripoli’); McCormick Graveyard at “Weehaw”; Morgan Family Graveyard; Muse-Lewis Graveyard; “North Hill” Graveyard; Old Bethel Baptist Church Graveyard; Old Salem Baptist Church Graveyard; ‘Rosemont’ Burials; Russell Graveyard; Shepherd Graveyard (S.S. Thomas farm); Shepherd Graveyard (Champe Shepherd); Shepherd Grave; Ship Grave; Shiveley Graveyard (‘Rose Hill’); Tapscott Family Graveyard; Throckmorton Graveyard; Trap Hill Graveyard; Treneary Monument; Whiting Burial; Williams Graveyard; Graveyards not listed in this group; Graves Moved; Berryville Baptist Church Cemetery; Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery; Black Burials (1840 - 1927); Grace Church Register #2 (1879 - 1927); Burials (Black & White), Cunningham Parish Register; Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery; Ebenezer Church of God Cemetery; Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery; Little Chapel Cemetery; Locust Grove Cemetery; Love & Charity Cemetery; Meade Memorial Episcopal Church Cemetery; Milton Valley Cemetery; Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery; Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church Cemetery; Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery (Charles ‘Buster’ Jackson); Providence Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery; Stone’s Chapel Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Clarke Episcopal Parish - Wickliffe Church;
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CLARKE COUNTY MARRIAGES, 1836-1850 John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr. 1983, vii, 62 pages, indices, figure, map. Clarke County, along with Warren County, was formed in 1836 as the final subdivision of Frederick County, Virginia. The 370 marriage records in this volume are from the marriage bonds register, the index to marriage licenses, permissions, certificates, and consents in the Virginia State Library, Archives Division.
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CONNECTIONS AND PARTINGS: ABSTRACTS OF MARRIAGE, DIVORCE, DEATH, AND LEGAL NOTICES REGARDING CLARKE COUNTY, VIRGINIA 1857-1884 FROM NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS Mary Thomason Morris. 210 pages, index. This book presents a broad panoply of genealogical data on families of Clarke Co. during the nineteenth century, and it is an indispensable source book.
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