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Brooke County Virginia

Map of Va: Brooke CountyBrooke County was named for Robert Brooke, governor of Virginia from 1794 to 1796. Settlement in this region of West Virginia began as early as 1744, but it was a half century later, in 1796, that Brooke County was formed from a portion of Ohio County. In 1848 the northern half of Brooke was cut off to form Hancock County.
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BROOKE CO., VA 1810 CENSUS transcribed by John Vogt. 10 1/2 x 8 1/2, x, 25 pages, illustrations, maps, indec. This is the first surviving census for Brooke, since both the 1790 and 1800 censuses have been lost. Brooke was an important county on the western edge of the state and abutting the Ohio River. It was a major crossing point for settlers moving into eastern Ohio in the 1790s and early 1800s.

Family names in the 1810 Brooke County census are:
Abrahams; Adams; Agnew; Alexander; Allen; Allison; Amy; Anderson; Applegate; Archer; Armshpoker; Armstrong; Arnold; Arthur; Ashenhust; Atkinson; Aton; Axims; Bailey; Baker; Bakewel; Ball; Bane; Barr; Bartholemy; Baxter; Beal; Beard; Beaty; Beaver; Beck; Bedwell; Beecks; Berkley; Biggs; Billings; Black; Blackmore; Blair; Boland; Boles; Bond; Boner; Boots; Bores; Boring; Bosman; Bostwick; Bowers; Bowman; Bradford; Bradley; Brady; Branaman; Brothers; Brown; Brownlee; Bucey; Buchanan; Buckey; Buckingham; Buckstone; Bunn; Burch; Burk; Burns; Burson; Butler; Cahal; Cain; Caldwel; Calendine; Cameron; Campbel; Cannon; Carlile; Carson; Caskey; Caswel; Cather; Chamberlain; Chambers; Chapman; Chinwith; Clayton; Clendinen; Clifford; Close; Coe; Coleman; Colwel; Congleton; Conn; Connel; Conway; Cook; Cooper; Cornelius; Coughran; Cowan; Cox; Craft; Craig; Crail; Crawford; Criss; Critezer; Croughan; Crow; Crown; Croxton; Culling; Cummins; Cunningham; Cuppy; Davidson; Davis; Davit; Dean; Decamp; Devall; Devore; Dobbin; Doddridge; Dorsey; Doty; Dougless; Duke; Dunlap; Dunn; Durbin; Eaton; Eddy; Edgar; Edgington; Elliot; Elson; Ennis; Epperd; Estinghausen; Everit; Fernsworth; Fetters; Filson; Fisher; Fitzpatrick; Forker; Foster; Fouts; Fowler; Francis; Freel; Freeman; Freshwater; Frew; Galahar; Gallahar; Galway; Gambel; Gardiner; Gass; Gatwood; Gear; Gibson; Giffy; Giles; Gillespy; Gist; Glass; Goddard; Gorely; Gorman; Gorrel; Gossage; Gowdy; Grafton; Granger; Greathouse; Green; Griffith; Grimes; Gromoe; Groves; Grumley; Hagan; Hains; Hakiswilder; Hales; Hall; Hallam; Hamilton; Hammond; Hanks; Hanlon; Hardisty; Hardman; Harper; Harris; Harrison; Hart; Hartford; Hasser; Hawkins; Hays; Headington; Headley; Hedges; Heirs; Henderson; Hendricks; Heney; Hening; Henry; Herdman; Herman; Hermon; Heron; Herron; Hervey; Hewit; Hibbet; Hill; Hines; Hinkston; Hinton; Hiskett; Hollamb; Holly; Holmes; Hook; Hucle; Hudson; Hufford; Hufman; Hughes; Hull; Hults; Hunter; Hutson; Hyatt; Hyndman; Irvin; Jackman; Jackson; Jamison; Jerard; Jester; Johnston; Jones; Jordan; Keetch; Kelley; Kenney; Key; King; Kinkead; Kirk; Lambert; Lamden; Law; Lazer; Ledley; Lee; Leeper; Lewis; Ligate; Linton; Litten; Liven; Loe; Logan; Loughhead; Lowe; Lowther; Lucas; Lucy; Lynch; Lyon; Magruda; Majors; Makeall; Malett; Markley; Marks; Marshal; Maxwel; McBroom; McCammont; McCleery; McClintoch; McCloud; McCluney; McClure; McComb; McConnel; McCormick; McCraken; McCreary; McCreery; McCulley; McDaniel; McEntire; McGovern; McGowan; McGuire; McKay; McKibbin; McKitrick; McMillen; McNeary; McNerlan; McNight; McVey; Meek; Meeks; Merryman; Mick; Middleswath; Miller; Mintle; Mobley; Mooney; Moore; Moorhead; Morrison; Morrow; Mummy; Muncy; Munroe; Murchland; Murphy; Murry; Myers; Neal; Nelson; Newhouse; Newton; Nicewonger; Nichols; Niesley; Norris; Oram; Orr; Owen; Pagan; Park; Parker; Parkison; Patterson; Patton; Pelly; Penam; Penington; Perrigo; Perry; Peterson; Phares; Phibbs; Phillips; Philson; Pippenger; Platenburgh; Plumer; Plummer; Ply; Pollock; Pools; Porter; Prather; Price; Prichard; Priest; Prosser; Pugh; Pumphrey; Ralston; Ramsey; Randolph; Rankin; Reed; Reeves; Rhea; Richards; Richardson; Rideinger; Riley; Rivers; Roberts; Robinet; Robinson; Rogers; Rose; Russel; Rutledge; Ryan; Saunders; Scott; Seddens; Severson; Shaw; Shepherd; Shrimplin; Shults; Silverthorn; Simpson; Slone; Smith; Snidegar; Snowden; Snyder; Spark; Spear; Spivey; Standiford; Stephens; Stephenson; Stewart; Stibbin; Storth; Strain; Straith; Strong; Swearingin; Swesy; Swineheart; Talbott; Tarr; Taylor; Teelan; Templeton; Thomas; Thorpe; Tiernan; Tilton; Todd; Toland; Tracy; Travis; Trimble; Trine; Trueax; Vanmeter; Waddel; Wadkin; Walker; Wallace; Wartenbe; Weaver; Wells; West; Westlake; Wheeler; Wheetley; White; Wicoff; Wiggins; Wilcoxon; Wiley; Williams; Williamson; Wilson; Windsor; Woods; Work; Worrel; Wortman; and Young.

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