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Berkeley County Virginia

Map of Va: Berkeley CountyBerkeley County was formed in October, 1772 from the northern part of Frederick County. It was named in honor of Governor Norborne Berkeley, baron de Botetourt, and the Parish of Norbourne was also established with boundaires contiguous with that of the county. In 1801 that part of Berkeley east of a line from the point where Opecquon Creek crossed the Frederick County line to Wyncoop's Spring Run on the Potomac was taken to form Jefferson County. In 1820 Part of Morgan County was taken from Berkeley. During the Civil War Berkeley County was divided in its citizens' loyalty, and it was the scene of incessant combat, with constant marching and counter-marching. The county continued to send delegates to Richmond, but took no active part in either the Confederate or Union governments. In 1865, under the guise of protecting the approaches to Washington from a further Confederate rising, Berkeley County, along with Morgan and Jefferson counties, was assigned to the new state of West Virginia. The litigation process began which led eventually to the United States Supreme Court and its decision in 1871 for the three counties to remain a part of West Virginia. It appears clear that the strong economic ties of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to Berkeley influenced the court's decision.

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps
Berkeley Co., Va 1810 Census by John Vogt. 2009, x, 53 pages, map, illustrations
A faithful and accurate transcription of the first surviving census for this Virginia county situated in the north along the Potomac River. Following the Civil war, Berkeley was transferred by Union authorities to West Virginia along with two additional counties in the area.
Misc: An appendix of heads of households for Berkeley in 1820 in index form is included

Family names included in the 1810 Berkeley census are listed below:

Abernathy; Aden; Alburtis; Ale; Alenberge; Alexander; Allan; Allender; Ambrose; Anderson; Arnal; Ash; Athey; Austin; Ax; Bacon; Bailey; Baker; Baldin; Baley; Barker; Barkley; Barlow; Barns; Baron; Barret; Barrow; Barton; Basey; Bashore; Basore; Basteson; Batt; Battle; Baugh; Baylor; Be---; Beal; Beamer; Beaty; Becker; Bedinger; Beeler; Beeson; Bell; Beller; Belmire; Bentley; Bidwell; Billinsley; Bishop; Black; Blue; Boden; Bodesman; Boggs; Boke; Boland; Boner; Boothe; Borrer; Bosel; Bosley; Bott; Bowen; Bower; Bowler; Bowman; Boyd; Brady; Brady; Braefield; Branden; Branon; Branson; Briant; Brierly; Brill; Broseuss; Brouzman; Brown; Brown; Brumfield; Bryan; Buck; Buckles; Bungarner; Burchett; Burk; Burns; Burress; Butler; Butt; Butterfield; Cackon; Cage; Callahan; Callahan; Calvin; Cameron; Campbell; Carell; Carnine; Caruthers; Cashner; Catlet; Catlett; Causeland; Caw; Chamberlin; Chambers; Charswell; Cheesman; Chenoiz; Chenoth; Chenoweth; Chew; Chidester; Christy; Chriswell; Cl--cy; Clark; Clawson; Claycom; Claycomb; Clayesint; Clayton; Cleiger; Clevenger; Clice; Cline; Clover; Coal; Cochran; Cockburn; Coffenberger; Coleman; Collins; Colsege; Colston; Colter; Comeqy; Compton; Coner; Conner; Conrad; Cook; Cookus; Coons; Coope; Cooper; Copland; Cosley; Cotter; Couchman; Courtney; Cox; Crab; Craft; Craghill; Craig; Cranston; Crawl; Creamer; Creed; Crouch; Crous; Crouse; Crowl; Crownover; Crumley; Crusan; Cruyder; Culp; Cunningham; Curry; Curtis; Custard; Dailey; Daniel; Daniels; Danolds; Davenport; David; Davis; Dawson; Deel; Deffendaffer; Delleplain; Denover; Dent; Disert; Doherty; Donaldson; Donalson; Doulan; Dowden; Dowhan; Dowling; Downey; Doyle; Drinker; Duckwall; Ducwall; Duffy; Dugan; Duke; Dulan; Dull; Duncan; Dungan; Dunham; Dunlap; Dunn; Dunsam; Duram; Dust; Dutton; Dyke; Eagle; Ealy; Early; Ebert; Edmundson; Elkins; Ellis; Ellot; England; Ensminger; Esther; Evans; Everhart; Eversole; Eveston; Eyers; Facken; Falk; Farding; Farer; Farr; Farrer; Faulkner; Fawver; Fearnought; Fellows; Felson; Fench; Fenner; Ferguson; Fields; Figg; Files; Filson; Finlay; Fiser; Fisher; Fitch; Flagg; Flecher; Fleece; Fleming; Flemon; Foley; Folk; Forbes; Ford; Forest; Forman; Foster; Franceway; Francis; Free; Frehue; French; Friatt; Fry; Gaither; Gallaher; Ganno; Gannon; Gant; Gardner; Gartrel; Garver; Gebhart; Gerard; Gershan; Gerth; Gibson; Gill; Givin; Goall; Godman; Golden; Goodman; Goodnight; Gooseman; Gordon; Gorsel; Gossett; Graham; Grandison; Grantham; Gratinells; Gray; Greah; Green; Gregg; Gregory; Grey; Griffin; Griffith; Grimes; Gross; Grove; Groves; Grubb; Guengis; Guerney; Gustin; Hadley; Haflin; Haines; Hall; Halley; Hamilton; Hamme; Hammen; Hammon; Hammond; Hamond; Handen; Hanies; Hanly; Hannah; Harden; Harlen; Harlin; Harlow; Harper; Harris; Harrison; Harrison; Hartsman; Haslett; Hastings; Hauke; Havanell; Hay; Haycock; Haydon; Hazlewood; Hebarlin; Heck; Hedges; Heistand; Helferstay; Helforsley; Helms; Henderson; Hendson; Hening; Henry; Herbert; Hess; Hetherling; Hetson; Hicks; Hickson; Higgins; Hill; Hite; Hobent; Hodges; Hoffman; Hogan; Hoke; Holliday; Holloway; Hooper; Hoover; Horn; Horner; Houcs; Householder; Houseworth; Houshan; Housman; Hout; Howard; Hudgell; Huffman; Huges; Hugins; Hunter; Iding; Ingbody; Ingle; Jack; Jacson; Jenkins; Jennings; Job; Johns; Johnson; Jones; Joseph; Keacys; Kedick; Keeseeker; Kelden; Keller; Kelly; Kelmer; Kendrick; Kenedy; Kennedy; Kephart; Kern; Kerney; Kerns; Kesacker; Kesecker; Keseeker; Kesinger; Kester; Kibler; Kichen; Kidd; Kiger; Kilmer; King; Kinney; Kitchen; Knafe; Knap; Krim; Krusen; Kuster; Kyle; Kyser; Lackey; Lainge; Lake; Lashhorn; Lashorn; Latlemire; Law; Lawfer; Lay; Le-teler; Lee; Lefever; Lemmon; Lemon; Lemons; Lenox; Leopard; Lewis; Light; Liles; Lingenfelter; Littlejohn; Littrell; Lock; Lockart; Loghagin; Loister; Lonas; Long; Lotman; Low; Lowman; Lowry; Lucas; Lusey; Lyle; Mackey; Maher; Mahue; Maires; Maisford; Makin; Malone; Maloney; Manor; Manson; Marchand; Marchant; Marchent; Marick; Marker; Marlat; Marquart; Marquiss; Marshall; Marslot; Martin; Maslin; Mason; Mathews; Matson; Matthews; Maxwell; Mayer; McAtee; McBee; McBray; McBride; McCalister; McCallister; McCauslin; McCleary; McClure; McConnel; McCormac; McCormic; McCouch; McCovey; McCoy; McDaniel; McDonald; McFarlin; McFeeley; Mcgee; Mcgovarn; Mcintire; McKee; McKeever; McKenney; McKewan; McKewn; McKiney; Mcma-ir; Mcmachen; McMullin; McNeeley; Meeks; Mendenal; Mendenals; Merchant; Michael; Michaels; Middleton; Miles; Millan; Miller; Millor; Mills; Mingle; Mitchel; Mole; Mong; Moon; Moore; More; Morgan; Morris; Morrison; Morrow; Mortimer; Moury; Murphy; Murray; Museter; Musetter; Myer; Myers; Nadenboush; Nadenbush; Needles; Needley; Neigh; Newberry; Newkirk; Nichols; Nides; Noland; Norrington; O'Ferral; Obrien; Obrin; Offet; Ogden; Olebaugh; Ollar; Ollebaugh; Oneal; Oreck; Orr; Orrick; O’Brien; O’Neal; Pachtall; Pachtol; Packer; Page; Pain; Paine; Painter; Palmer; Pander; Parker; Parks; Parmelion; Parmer; Parsels; Paschall; Patterson; Patton; Paul; Payles; Paytor; Pectol; Pendleton; Pentoney; Pepper; Peterman; Peterson; Pewsery; Piles; Pinkerton; Pipher; Pitser; Place; Plan; Plower; Poisal; Poisel; Poland; Porter; Porterfield; Potts; Powell; Precher; Price; Prill; Pulse; Pulsgrove; Pultz; Quade; Quick; Quillin; Rain; Rainefold; Rainey; Ralf; Ralfsnider; Ramsey; Randle; Rankin; Rannels; Ranney; Ransone; Rawling; Ray; Rebeneck; Redfarn; Redman; Reed; Reel; Rees; Resstoy; Rian; Richard; Richards; Richardson; Riddle; Rife; Righ; Riley; Rineberg; Riner; Rippy; Riser; Roach; Roads; Robbens; Roberts; Robinson; Rockwell; Roday; Roreck; Rose; Roseberry; Ross; Roush; Rowan; Rowe; Ro[o]ney; Rumbo; Runnels; Rush; Russals; Russels; Russle; Rutherford; Sabert; Sagarly; Samson; Saunders; Savely; Seaber; Seaman; Seamon; Sebell; Sebert; Seburn; Sechman; Seiber; Sellers; Semry; Shade; Shafer; Shaffer; Shafner; Shahan; Shane; Shank; Shanks; Shark; Shaw; Shaw--w; Shayer; Sheade; Shearer; Shepard; Sheppard; Shepperd; Sherard; Sherer; Sherson; Shewman; Shicle; Shields; Shimp; Shober; Shockey; Shofital; Shofstal; Shokey; Shopart; Short; Shoup; Showers; Shradrick; Shriver; Shroder; Shull; Sibert; Siler; Silver; Silvey; Singer; Slaughter; Sloan; Small; Smelser; Smers; Smith; Smock; Smoot; Smurr; Snider; Snodgrass; Snow; Snowdeel; Snyder; Sommerville; Sourbrot; Southwood; Space; Spaerow; Sparlin; Speck; Spen; Spencer; Spichall; Spors; Sprigs; Sproule; Stairs; Staley; Stang; Stanley; Star; Stark; Starr; Starry; Stedly; Steel; Stephanson; Stephen; Stephens; Stephenson; Sterret; Stewart; Stiles; Stilwell; Stilwell; Stinson; Stip; Stotler; Stout; Strayer; Street; Stringer; Strode; Strouse; Stuart; Stuckey; Stump; Stutts; Summarman; Summerman; Summers; Sumproal; Sutton; Swamey; Swan; Sweringen; Swift; Swimley; Swinson; Swisher; Switzer; Sybert; Syler; Tabb; Tabler; Tacerman; Tackman; Tapscott; Tate; Taylor; Tedric; Tedrick; Testlapoo; Tharp; Thatcher; Thomas; Thomson; Thornberg; Thornburg; Threcle; Throckmorton; Thruston; Timmands; Timmons; Titus; Todhunter; Treg; Treshaver; Tully; Turner; Unger; Vail; Vanmeter; Vanpelt; Veach; Veset; Vinceller; Vincent; Violet; Voress; Wadle; Waggener; Waite; Walker; Wallers; Walters; Ward; Ware; Warner; Watson; Waugh; Weaver; Webb; Webley; Welsh; Welshans; Westenhouse; Wevir; Wharton; Wheat; Whetstone; Whisler; White; Whitelock; Whitmer; Whitmire; Whitmorgen; Whitmyer; Wickam; Wickersham; Wigle; Wilcox; Wilhelm; Wilks; Williams; Williamson; Wilson; Winning; Wisenberger; Wisewell; Wisner; Wolfe; Wolsey; Wonder; Wood---; Woods; Worley; Wright; Wyncup; Yates; Yearnel; Yost; Young; Youngblood; and Zuck.

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ABSTRACTS OF VIRGINIA's NORTHERN NECK (LAND) WARRANTS & SURVEYS, 1697-1784 (HAMPSHIRE, BERKELEY, LOUDOUN, FAIRFAX, KING GEORGE, WESTMORELAND, RICHMOND, NORTHUMBERLAND AND LANCASTER COUNTIES) by Peggy Shomo Joyner. 1987, xv, 225 pp. Published as the fourth and last volume in a series of Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, this collection has become a standard reference work for researchers in the period of colonial Virginia history.
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Berkeley Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 41 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see: Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

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Berkeley Co. Revolutionary Public Claims transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.. 2005. 30 pages, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the Virginia Revolutionary Public Claims and a listing of available counties, see: Revolutionary "Publick" Claims series

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