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Bath County Virginia

Map of Va: Bath CountyBath County was created on 1 May 1791 from portions of Augusta, Botetourt and Greenbrier counties. It was named for its namesake town in England. At that time Bath also included portions of present Highland County (southern part), Alleghany County (northern portion), and southern portions of Pocahontas County. In 1796 a small amount of territory was added to Pendleton County. In 1821 Pocahontas County was formed from the western portion of Bath and parts of Pendleton and Randolph counties. Then, a year later, Alleghany County was created from parts of Bath, Botetourt, and Monroe counties. The border between Bath and Alleghany was adjusted slightly in 1823 and again in 1847. Bath achieved its current boundaries in 1847 following the separation of Highland County from its territory.

For a better understanding of county boundary changes, see our new section Virginia in Maps

BATH CO., VA 1810 CENSUS transcribed by John Vogt. 2013, 10 1/2 x 8 1/2, x, 28 pages, illustrations, map, full name index. This is the first surviving census for Bath, since both the 1790 and 1800 censuses have been lost. The transcription is in the order in which the enumerator took his census. Thus, neighbors appear together and this will assist the genealogist. Bath was a county on the western edge of Virginia's Piedmont with the Alleghany Front as its western boundary.

This and other 1810 censuses are transcribed by the author from the original images, and while many of Virginia's censuses are available online, they oftentimes are replete with misreadings.Caveat emptor!

Family names included in the 1810 Bath census are listed below:

Alderman; Aldridge; Alestock; Alexander; Amens; Apple; Archelaeous; Arnot; Backhouse; Ball; Ballet; Barger; Bargerhuff; Barlow; Barnet; Batey; Baxter; Beatles; Bell; Benson; Berry; Bird; Bird,; Blackburn; Blair; Blake; Blankenship; Bogges; Boles; Bollar; Bonner; Botkin; Bourland; Bower; Bowyer; Bradley; Bradshaw; Bradshaw; Bratton; Bridgers; Brindley; Brinkley; Briscoe; Brock; Brooks; Brown; Bruffy; Buckley; Bumgarner; Burges; Burner; Burns; Burnside; Burras; Butcher; Buzzard; Cackley; Cail; Cale; Callaghan; Callison; Calwell; Cameron; Campbell; Carlile; Carpenter; Casebolt; Cavendish; Cawley; Chesnut; Clarke; Cleek; Clendennen; Clutter; Cochran; Cole; Collins; Conrod; Constantine; Cooper; Corbit; Courtner; Cowardin; Crane; Crawford; Crutchfield; Cubberle; Cummins; Cup; Curry; Davis; Dean; Deever; Delany; Demas; Denwiddie; Devers; Dickenson; Dickinson; Dilley; Dixon; Dizard; Dodridge; Doherty; Donavon; Douglas; Downey; Drinnen; Driskle; Duffield; Edington; Edmiston; Edwards; Edy; Egan; Elliot; Engle; Erwen; Erwin; Evan; Evans; Ewing; Fawcett; Feemster; Ferough?; Flack; Fleming; Foerrister; Forth?; Fowler; Fox; Francis; Francisco; Fravel; Frazer; Freeman; Friel; Fuller?; Gabehart; Galford; Gardner; Garven; Gatewood; Gay; Gibson; Gillaland; Gillaspe; Gillaspy; Given; Givens; Graham; Granger; Grass; Green; Gregory; Griffen; Griffin; Grimes; Gum; Gwin; Haddon; Hamilton; Hannah; Hansbarger; Hansel; Harris; Harrold; Hartman; Hatton; Hawk; Henderson; Herndon; Herring; Hicklen; Hicklin; Hickman; Higgins; Hill; Holcomb; Hoover; Hopkins; Houchen; Howard; Huggins; Hughart; Hughes; Hulet; Hull; Jackson; Jacocks; James; Jeans; Jenkins; Johnson; Johnston; Jones; Jordon; Josephs; Kee; Keith; Kelley; Kelso; Kerr; Keys; Keyser; Kilpatrick; Kinard; Kincaid; Kinkaid; Kinkead; Kinnison; Kirkpatrick; Kirnes; Knight; Knox; Laird; Lamb; Lanford; Lemons; Lewis; Lightner; Liptrap; Littlepage; Lockridge; Lovejoy; Lowry; Lunsford; Mahoney; Maleson; Mann; Marley; Martin; Massenbird; Matheny; Mathews; May; Mays; Mayse; McAvoy; McCabe; McCartney; McCarty; McCaslen; McCausland; McClentic; McClever; McClung; McCollister; McCollom; McComb; McCown; McCray; McCutchen; McDonnald; McDowell; McDuff; McElwee; McGlaughlin; McGloughlen; McGloughlin; McGraw; McGuffin; McGuire; McKee; McMahan; McMahen; McMullan; McMullans; McNeal; McWhorten; McWhorter; Milhollen; Miller; Monroe; Moore; Moore,; Morison; Morris; Morrison; Mussen; Mustoe; Myner; Mynes; Nesbit; Newell; Nichols; Norman; Norris; Nottingham; Oldham; Oldridge; Oliver; Osburn; Page; Parker; Patman; Payne; Pentwife?; Perkins; Perry; Petijehon?; Phillips; Piles; Poage; Ponce; Porter; Potts; Powell; Pritt; Ptomey; Pullins; Quickle; Rambough; Ratliff; Ready; Redding; Reed; Reid; Renard; Rhea; Rhodehaffer; Rhyne; Richardson; Rider; Riley; Ritter; Roberts; Robertson; Robey; Rodgers; Roler; Rose; Ross; Ruckman; Ryerson; Saulsberry; Saulsbury; Savage; See; Seibert; Sharet; Sharp; Shaw; Shipe; Simpson; Sitlington; Skidmore; Slaven; Smith; Snead; Sprowl; Steel; Step; Stevenson; Stiff; Stombough?; Stonestreet; Stower; Stuart; Surber; Sutton; Swearingen; Talbot; Talman; Tate; Tayler; Terpen; Thacker; Tharp; Thomas; Thompson; Thomson; Tidd; Tomson; Townsend; Tyler; Tyree; Vance; Venable; Viah; Waddle; Wade; Walker; Walsh; Wandless; Wanless; Wansles; Ward; Warreck; Warrick; Warwick; Waters; Watkins; Watson; Waugh; Web; Webster; Welsy; White; Wiley; Williams; Wilson; Winden; Wines; Wolfenbarger; Woods; Wright; Wyatt; and Young.

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