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Albemarle County was created on 31 Dec. 1744 from the western portion of Goochland County and it was named for the Earl of Albemarle, titular governor of the colony from 1734 to 1754. At the time of its formation, Albemarle included the territory of the present counties of Amherst, Buckingham, Fluvanna, and Nelson, the southern part of Albemarle, and the northern portions of Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell counties. The northern parts of present-day Bedford and Campbell counties were detached from Albemarle in 1755 and added to Bedford County. At the same time the northwest portion of present Appomattox was also added to Bedford. The northern portion of Albemarle was established in 1761. First the regions later comprising Amherst, Buckingham, Nelson and northeastern Appomattox counties were detached to form Amherst and Buckingham; also the western part of Louisa was added to Albemarle. In 1769 certain James River islands were also attached to Albemarle's jurisdiction. The final configuration of Albemarle was achieved in 1777 when Fluvanna was detached as a separate entity.

Map of Va: Albemarle County


credit The Court Doth Order:
Extracts From Albemarle County & Charlottesville, VA
Order, Law Order, & Minute Books: 1800-1900 Compiled by: Sam Towler
Date Of Publication: 2009
Number of Pages: 291
Dimensions: 10.5" x 8.5"
Misc: Index
Cost: $33.95
Stock Number: ALBC

To compile this prodigious new genealogy release, the author spent years transcribing data from original county and city record books. This volume contains guardianships (Charlottesville); apprenticeships/bound outs; African-American subjects; citizenship references; Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Civil War references along with miscellaneous orders. More than 12,000 entries are included in the index. This publication is a major addition to the genealogical record for both Albemarle and Charlottesville.

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credit Albemarle County, VA 1810 Census

Transcribed, with an index by John Vogt
Date of Publication: 2009
Number of Pages: 44
Misc: Index
Dimensions: 10.5" x 8.5"
Cost: $10.00
Stock Code: ALB10

This is the first surviving census for Albemarle, since both the 1790 and 1800 censuses have been lost. A complete index is included for easy access. Albemarle was an important and populous county in the Virginia Piedmont at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This and other 1810 censuses are transcribed by the author from the original images, and while many of Virginia's censuses are available online, they oftentimes are replete with misreadings. Following the transcription of this volume, a careful comparison was made with one online census of the same county; it revealed 194 mistranslations and/or omissions! Caveat emptor!

Family names included in the 1810 Albemarle census are listed below:

Adkesson; Alexander; Allcocke; Alligree; Alphin; Amonett; Anderson; Andrews; Appleberry; Ashley; Austen; Austin; Baber; Bacon; Bagnell; Bailey; Baker; Balden; Balew; Baley; Ballard; Barkdale; Barksdale; Barnet; Barnett; Barnitt; Bartley; Bates; Battles; Baylis; Beck; Becket; Becks; Bell; Belt; Bennet; Berry; Berton; Bidders; Binn; Birton; Bishop; Black; Blackley; Blackwell; Blain; Blutcher; Boling; Boman; Bond; Boon; Boston; Bow; Bowcocke; Bowls; Boyd; Boyel; Bragg; Brand; Branham; Breedlove; Brewshaw; Britt; Broaddus; Broadhead; Brock; Brockman; Brooks; Brown; Browning; Bruce; Bruffee; Bryan; Bullock; Burch; Burd; Burford; Burgur; Burkhead; Burks; Burnley; Burrus; Burtis; Burton; Burwell; Busler; Butlar; Butler; Butt???; Canady; Carnes; Carpenter; Carr; Carrel; Carrell; Carroll; Carter; Carver; Cateton; Catlett; Chambers; Champman; Chandler; Cheatham; Chewning; Childres; Chiles; Chisholm; Cillaspy; Clark; Clarke; Clarkson; Clasby; Cleavland; Clevand; Cobs; Cocke; Cocks; Cole; Coleman; Coles; Collins; Colvin; Cook; Cooper; Coplin; Cosbey; Craddock; Cradock; Craig; Crank; Crenshaw; Criseman; Crosthwait; Crouch; Croucher; Cuningham; Dabney; Damron; Daniel; Darnell; Daulton; Davis; Dawson; Dawsy; Day; Deadman; Dettor; Dicenson; Dickenson; Dickerson; Dickson; Divers; Dollens; Dollins; Dorrell; Dotson; Douglas; Dove; Dowel; Draffin; Draper; Drumheller; Dudley; Duglass; Duke; Dun; Dunchum; Durret; Durrett; Durrum; Dyer; Eades; Eanix; Early; Easten; Edwards; Elleton; Elliot; Ellis; Ellston; Elsom; Emmesson; Endes; Esme; Esseeks; Estes; Estham; Eubank; Everett; Ewell; Fagg; Farrar; Farrow; Femvich; Fergason; Fernahoe; Ferrile; Field; Fisher; Fitch; Flanigan; Flint; Fogus; Fones; Foster; Fouls; Fowe; Fox; Franklin; Fretwel; Fretwell; Gains; Galden; Gambel; Gambo; Ganden; Ganes; Gardner; Garland; Garner; Garnett; Garrett; Garrison; Garth; Garton; Gay; Geanniny; Genniny; Gentry; Gibson; Gilbert; Gillasby; Gillaspy; Gillock; Gillrick; Gillum; Gilmer; Going; Golesby; Gooch; Goodall; Goodman; Goodridge; Goodrige; Gooles; Goolsby; Gorden; Goss; Gowen; Gradey; Grady; Graftin; Graley; Grass; Graves; Greger; Grey; Greyham; Greyson; Grinstead; Hackney; Hadon; Hail; Hall; Ham; Hamner; Harden; Hardin; Harlen; Harlin; Harlow; Harlowe; Harper; Harris; Harrison; Harte; Harvey; Hasley; Hausenorth; Hawley; Hays; Henderson; Henin; Hensley; Herndon; Hernley; Herrin; Heslen; Hicks; Higanbotham; Hill; Hogg; Holston; Hooton; Hopkins; Houchens; Howard; Howel; Hoye; Huckstep; Hudson; Hughes; Humphrey; Hunt; Hunter; Hunton; Hurndon; Hurtt; Irvin; Isaacks; Jachobs; Jackson; Jameson; Jamison; Jane (Jared?); Jarman; Jarrel; Jefferries; Jefferson; Jeikie; Jerman; Joarden; Joblin; Johnson; Jones; Karr; Keeblinger; Keen; Keeton; Keller; Kelley; Kerby; Kerr; Kesther; Key; Keys; Kid; Kindred; King; Kingsolver; Kinsolving; Kirby; Lacy; Ladd; Landeraff; Lane; Langford; Lard; Lauk; Lawson; Leak; Leake; Leatch; Leigh; Lewis; Lindsay; Lingo; Livley; Livly; Lloyd; Lobbin; Long; Lowrey; Lowry; Mabrey; Madison; Mahanis; Maher; Mansfield; Marks; Marr; Marshal; Marshalhead; Martin; Mason; Massie; Mathews; Mathewson; Matthews; Maupin; Maxwell; Mayo; McAexander; McCallester; McCallister; McCarey; McCauley; McCloud; McCluer; McColley; McColluch; McCord; McCoy; McCulloch; McDaniel; McFall; McFerson; McGehee; McGhee; Mckey; McQuerry; Medearis; Melton; Merewether; Merrit; Michia; Michie; Millaway; Miller; Mills; Minor; Modnia; Moman; Monday; Monroe; Moon; Mooney; Moore; Moran; Morris; Morrison; Morse; Mosley; Mountjoy; Moyers; Mullins; Murray; Murrey; Murry; Nailer; Nalley; Napper; Nappier; Nelson; Nemore; Neuchum; Newchum; Nicholas; Nicholass; Norris; Nowell; Oaks; Ockerman; Oglesby; Old; Omohundro; Overstreet; Overton; Owens; Pace; Page; Parsons; Partrick; Paterson; Pemberton; Perry; Peters; Pettey; Pettit; Peyton; Phillips; Picket; Piper; Pleasant; Pleasants; Poindextur; Poore; Porter; Powel; Powell; Powers; Pradan; Pretty; Price; Prichet; Procter; Quash; Quick; Ragland; Railey; Ramsey; Randolph; Rawley; Rawson; Raynor; Rea; Reid; Reisor; Repperto; Rhoderick; Richards; Richardson; Ricks; Rife; Right; Riley; Ripinn; Rittenhouse; Roathwell; Roberds; Roberson; Roberts; Rodes; Rogers; Ross; Rothwel; Rothwell; Rowe; Royson; Runnels; Rush; Salmon; Salmond; Sampson; Sandage; Scott; Scribner; Sebrea; Shackelford; Shagleford; Shaire; Sharp; Shattz; Shaver; Sheardson; Shekel; Shelton; Shenk; Shepherd; Shiflet; Shoemaker; Sholp; Shumate; Silvie; Simmons; Simpson; Sims; Sipe; Slagdon; Slaytor; Smith; Smithson; Sneed; Snell; Snow; Sowell; Spears; Spencer; Spenser; Spinner; Spradlin; Spradling; Sprouce; Starling; Stephans; Stephens; Stevins; Stone; Stout; Strange; Suddaith; Suddarth; Sullivan; Sutharland; Sutherland; Swink; Symmons; Taliafero; Taliaferro; Taylor; Terrel; Thacker; Thomas; Thompson; Thorp; Thrift; Thurman; Thurston; Tilman; Timberlake; Tomberlin; Tomerson; Tomkins; Tompkins; Toms; Tooler; Tooley; Townsley; Towson; Travalian; Trice; Turk; Turner; Twyman; Tyre; Vast; Veech; Vernon; Via; Walden; Walker; Wallace; Walters; Walton; Ward; Wash; Watkins; Watson; Watts; Wayt; Welch; Wells; West; Whealer; Wheat; Wheeler; White; Wiand; Wilkerson; Williams; Wilson; Wims; Win; Wineberry; Wineburry; Wingfield; Winn; Wood; Woods; Woodson; Woody; Yancey; Yeargan; and Young.

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Albemarle County, Virginia Marriages, 1780-1853

Compiled By: John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr.
Date of Publication: 1991
Number Of Volumes: 3
Number of Pages: 862
Misc: Index
Cost: $44.95
Stock Code: ALBE

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Over two years abstracting from forty thousand individual records! Each source of information for an individual marriage abstract has been cited to facilitate examination of the original document. This three volume set contains a complete 162-page index with approximately 50,000 brides, grooms, bondsmen, witnesses, ministers and parents mentioned in the documents.

Albemarle County, Virginia Court Papers, 1744-1783
Compiled by: Benjamin B. Weisiger, III
Date Of Publication: 1987
Number of Pages: 86
Misc: Index
Cost: $12.95
Stock Number: ALBP

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Loose papers from the period in which many of the order books are missing.

Albermarle County 1815 Directory of Landowners

Compiled By: Roger G. Ward
Date Of Publication: 2005
Number Of Pages: 42
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8"
Misc: Map
Cost: $8.00
Stock Code: VD02

1815 Landowners
In 1782 the General Assembly of Virginia enacted new tax laws which created within each county an enumeration of land and certain personal property. These early land tax laws required a tax commissioner in each district of a county to record a list of the names of persons owning land or town lots, the quantity of land owned and its value, and the amount of tax owed. By 1813, a brief geographic description (usually citing an adjacent stream, road, or other landmark) was required; in 1814, the distance and direction from the courthouse for each parcel was also added to the tax rolls.

The present work is an alphabetical listing of all 1815 landowners found in each county, as well as the accompanying description of the location of the said property. We have not included the number of acres, taxes assessed, or any transactions between landowners which may have been noted on the tax rolls; also, in many cases the geographic location was provided as "adjacent to John Smith", etc. and, while useful many times to a genealogist, was considered to be beyond the objectives of this project. The reader is encouraged to consider the information here-in as an "outline" of early landowners in Virginia rather than a "text" due to the year-to-year variation in information provided to the clerk (or recorded by the clerk), omissions, lack of "identifiers" to determine if "same name" was also "same person" within a district or across districts, marginal quality/clarity (in a few cases) of the microfilm copy, and, not least, errors on the part of either the original clerks or the current author while transcribing.

Some of the approaches to utilizing the 1815 landowner information include:

1. Observe distinct clusters of the same surname within a county in order to clarify the common surnames such as "Smith", "Anderson", etc;
2. Identify non-resident landowners and their county (or state) of residence (these people often being former residents of the current county);
3. Determine neighbors with different surnames (often being relatives);
4. Use the 1815 information as a "bridge" from the 18th and 19th century deed/will books to the 17th and 18th century land grants/patents in the county;
5. Evaluate the 1810 to 1840 census information which generally grouped neighbors;
6. Substitute this information for missing deed/will books in the "burned" counties; and, clarify/enhance vague deed/will information in the counties with more complete records.

FORMAT OF PRESENTATION: Each entry is listed as: Surname, name, personal identifiers (if any); location/place-name of land; miles/direction from the 1815 courthouse. If multiple owners are listed for a property, the listing is duplicated under each of the owner's surnames (i.e "Smith and Brown" is also listed as "Brown, --see Smith"); when multiple owners share a common surname, the property is only listed once. When a landowner had land at more than one location/place-name, the miles/direction listing for each parcel is in the same sequence as the location listing (i.e. James RV, Slate CK; 12N, 5SW.). In the few cases where a landowner had "many" parcels, the miles/direction notation is attached to the location listing (i.e. Sandy RV- 5NE, Willow CK-7S, etc.) Ordering Options
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Albemarle County Revolutionary Public Claims
Compiled By: Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten
Date Of Publication: 2005
Number Of Pages: 70
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
Cost: $8.75
Stock Code: PC02

As Continental forces and Virginia militia units were engaged in winning independence, American quartermasters and provisioners struggled to provide these units with all the necessities of life, from meals and guns to meat, fodder for horses, the horses themselves, firewood, and every other type of material. Much of this was requisitioned from the civilian population and certificates were issued payable in either continental or state funds, depending on the units supplied, upon presentation to court authorities. Thousands of these certificates issued to Virginians were duly entered by the courts, and they provide a fascinating insight into the period of the Revolution.

This "Publick" Claims booklet contains interesting and useful information about the contributions of ordinary people to the Revolutionary War. They provide some details of people's service in the militia or as guards for prisoners of war; they indicate where some bodies of troops were at particular times; and they identify providers of horses, wagons, cattle, grain, or other supplies. Much of the information in this booklet cannot be found anywhere else, which makes the surviving records particularly valuable. Also remarkable is the fact that records survived from virtually every county in the state at that time with the exception of the newly formed Kentucky counties. This makes the collection even more valuable in covering areas which heretofore in this time period have suffered from a lack of personal data. This publication is an extremely important genealogical tool for searchers in Revolutionary-era materials.

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